Pokemon GO Players Criticize Timing of Highly Requested Raid Feature

The widely successful Pokemon GO has been met with mixed reactions to a recent update to its raid feature, with the timing of the update coming under much scrutiny due to the ongoing controversies surrounding it. This month has been an eventful one for the mobile game, with it continuing to thrive despite the pandemic, but the fanbase has been vocal in its opposition to the adjustments to the Pokemon GO experience, including the popular Remote Raid items.

Niantic released modifications to the Remote Raid item last month intending to encourage players to travel to actual locations. Unfortunately, these changes, which were costly and limited the items’ availability, have sparked outrage among players, particularly those who depend on them for accessibility. Many have chosen to protest the alterations by boycotting the game, establishing petitions, and some have even chosen to sell their accounts on eBay in response.

In the weeks following, Niantic has chosen not to address the issue directly but has instead continued to enhance the experience. Players of Pokemon GO have now been presented with a UI alteration when they view the Raids list, which reveals the number of people already in the lobby ready to begin. This alteration has made it easier to identify active raiders, as players no longer have to go into each raid to check. Nevertheless, it appears that this added feature has not swayed the opinions of the community.

The response to the update has been largely negative, as many players have expressed their anger about the Remote Raid changes in the Pokemon GO subReddit. Peepingvaleya even made a joke about the update coming too late, suggesting that Niantic may have only been able to afford the feature after raising the price of remote raid passes. Jokes were made about how the update now allows players to see how many gyms in the area have no raiders, while others lamented that it was still impossible to get to a raid that was far away on the map in two minutes. It is clear that the majority think the update was released too late, and it would have been better received if the Remote Raid changes had not happened.

The recent ruckus over remote raiding isn’t the only issue causing upset in the Pokemon GO community; just a few weeks ago, gamers suspected that Elite Raids had been secretly toned down. The difficulty of the raids was already high, but the roll-out of Regidrago and Regieleki was accompanied by a reduction of the typical 6% base capture rate to a mere 2%. With Niantic yet to comment, players are still disgruntled as the Pokemon are likely to slip away regardless of their efforts.

Pokemon GO is accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

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April has been a very active month for Pokemon GO enthusiasts, with Niantic providing a range of short-term events for the popular mobile game. The most up-to-date is the Mystic Hero event, plus players have the chance to get their hands on newly added Pokemon like Cutiefly and the legendary electric type, Regieleki. However, there have been some difficulties such as when the Regieleki elite raids had their start time postponed and also faced other problems.

Every month, while the content may fluctuate, Team GO Rocket invasions remain constant. When Leader Giovanni appears after collecting the pieces of the Super Rocket Radar, players can catch rare Shadow Pokemon. To get to that point, they must battle the three leaders.

The Optimal Pokémon Go Buddy for a CP Boost is discussed here.

Niantic regularly rotates the lineup of Team GO Rocket leaders and the April 2023 selection includes Sierra. Pokemon GO fans should be aware of the increased challenge of battling the leaders, compared to the grunts.

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-murkrow-metaThe Introduction of Sierra’s Initial Pokemon

For April 2023, Murkrow, a dual Dark/Flying type Pokemon, is Sierra’s lead. As it resists Dark, Ghost, Grass, Ground, and Psychic-type attacks, players should focus on Pokemon with Electric, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type moves to counter Murkrow. Here are some suggested options, though not the only ones, for dealing with it:

  • Togekiss, using Charm for its fast attack and Ancient Power for its charged attack.
  • Aggron, employing Smack Down for a quick move and Stone Edge for the charged one.
  • Xurkitree, with Thunder Shock as a fast attack and Discharge for the Charged Attack.
  • Tyranitar’s speedy move is Smack Down while its Charged Attack is Stone Edge.
  • Rampardos has Smack Down as its fast attack and Rock Slide for the Charged Attack.

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Sierra’s Next Pocket Monster

On April 2023, the Pokemon Sierra can have could be Steelix, Swampert, or Staraptor. Here is what you can do with regard to those three options.

The Iron Snake: Steelix

This Pokémon is a combination of a steel- and ground-type, taking the form of a giant snake. It is known for its tough body and incredible strength. Its body is so hard that even dynamite won’t scratch it. Steelix is also able to dig through solid rock with its strong jaws.

Steelix, a dual type of Ground and Steel, is vulnerable to Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Water-type attacks. Here are some ideal picks for defeating it:

  • Rhyperior’s Fast Attack is Mud Slap and it is paired with Rock Wrecker or Surf for its Charged Attack.
  • Swampert has Mud Shot as its Fast Attack and Hydro Cannon as the Charged Attack.
  • Charizard utilizes Fire Spin as its Fast Attack and Blast Burn as the Charged Attack.
  • Kyogre’s Fast Attack is Waterfall and it can use Surf or Blizzard as its Charged Attack.
  • Double Kick is Terrakion’s Fast Attack and its Charged Attack is Sacred Sword.

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A fan art rendition of the Pokemon Swampert in its Paradox Form can be seen here.

Swampert is a ground-type with water as the secondary type. As a result, the most sensible choice for attack would be a Pokemon with Grass-type attacks.

  • Venusaur possessing Razor Leaf for the quick attack and Frenzy Plant for the Charged Attack
  • Roserade equipped with Razor Leaf as the fast move and Solar Beam for the Charged Attack.
  • Sceptile with Bullet Seed as the fast move and Leaf Blade for the Charged Attack.
  • Kartana having Razor Leaf as its fast move and Leaf Blade for the Charged Attack
  • Torterra armed with Razor Leaf for the fast attack and Frenzy Plant for the Charged Attack.

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A Pokémon That Soars Through the Skies: Staraptor

Players of the second round should consider selecting Staraptor, a Normal and Flying type Pokémon. Electric, Ice and Rock-type attacks should be prioritized, while Bug, Grass, Ghost and Ground-type moves should be avoided.

  • Aggron boasts Smack Down as its fast attack and Stone Edge as its Charged Attack.
  • Xurkitree’s fast attack is Thunder Shock and the Charged Attack is Discharge.
  • The small Tyranitar is equipped with Smack Down as its fast attack and Stone Edge as its Charged Attack.
  • Rampardos is armed with Smack Down and Rock Slide as its fast and Charged Attacks, respectively.
  • Mamoswine has Powder Snow as its fast attack and either Avalanche or High Horsepower as its Charged Attack.

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The Last Pokemon Selected by Sierra

Sierra ultimately chose her final Pokemon from the wide array of options available to her.

In the last round, Sierra has a selection of three Pokemon to choose from, some more manageable than the others.

Dragonite – A Superpower Pokemon

Dragonite is a Pokemon which holds immense power and strength. It is one of the most powerful species of Pokemon, and its strength has earned it the nickname “The Superpower Pokemon“. Its wings are capable of carrying it through the air, and it can even fly for extended periods of time. Its incredible agility allows it to dodge attacks and quickly outmaneuver opponents. Its signature move is Draco Meteor, a powerful attack that can cause major destruction. Dragonite is a formidable opponent in battle, and its sheer power makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Dragonite, a Flying and Dragon type Pokemon, should be targeted with Ice, Dragon, Fairy, and Rock type moves. Fortunately, this selection of moves is also effective against Murkrow, creating a synergy between the two.

  • Kyurem wields Dragon Tail for quick moves and Blizzard for its Charged Attack.
  • Tyranitar strikes with Smack Down as a fast attack and Stone Edge as its Charged Attack.
  • Mamoswine utilizes Powder Snow for a fast attack and Avalanche for its Charged Attack.
  • Glaceon uses Frost Breath for quick maneuvers and Avalanche for its Charged Attack.
  • Togekiss performs Charm as its fast attack and Ancient Power as its Charged Attack.

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Houndoom – A Canine Creature with a Dark Streak

Sierra’s second potential adversary is Houndoom, a Fire/Dark-type Pokemon. To defeat it, one should have Fighting, Ground, Rock, and Water-type moves on hand. Those fortunate enough to have such attacks ready should find it relatively easy to come out on top.

  • Kyogre, equipped with Waterfall for its fast attack and Surf for its Charged Attack.
  • Machamp, which employs Counter for its fast attack and Close Combat for its Charged Attack.
  • Lucario, capable of using Counter for its fast attack and Power-Up Punch for its Charged Attack.
  • Conkeldurr can bring Counter as its fast attack and Dynamic Punch as its Charged Attack.
  • Tyranitar has Smack Down as a fast attack and Stone Edge as its Charged Attack.
  • Rampardos is armed with Smack Down as its fast attack and Rock Slide as its Charged Attack.

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The Fiery Flying-type Pokémon Charizard

Charizard, the Pokémon with the type of Fire and Flying, is well-known. It is one of the most popular characters in the Pokémon franchise. It is based on a European dragon, and its design was inspired by the Chinese Lung. It has a long flame-covered tail, wings, and a horn-like crest on its head. Charizard is strong and powerful, able to use a variety of fire-based attacks in battle.

A formidable and much-adored Fire/Flying Type Pokemon, Charizard, is also an option. Attack this one with Rock, Electric, and Water and avoid using Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Ground, Steel, Bug, or Grass.

  • Kyogre has Waterfall as its quick move and Surf as its charged move.
  • Rhyperior’s fast attack is Smack Down and its charge move can either be Rock Wrecker or Surf.
  • Rampardos’ fast attack is Smack Down and Rock Slide is its charge move.
  • Terrakion also uses Smack Down as its fast attack and Rock Slide as its charged move.
  • Gigalith’s fast attack is Smack Down and Meteor Beam is its charge move.

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Having defeated one of the three leaders of Team GO Rocket, players are now progressing towards their eventual confrontation with Giovanni. If you haven’t yet taken on Arlo or Cliff, make sure to refer to the applicable guides to ensure you achieve success and the Super Rocket Radar.

The beloved Pokemon GO is now ready for use on smartphones and tablets.