Pokemon GO Fan Discovers Real-Life PokeStop While Playing Game

While in pursuit of items and wild Pokemon, a Pokemon GO enthusiast found that a PokeStop existed in the real world. By visiting PokeStops near them, gamers of the game Pokemon GO can get ready for their next capture and meet other Pokemon Trainers.

Pokemon GO remains an immensely popular game almost seven years on from its worldwide debut on Android and iOS. Every month brings a range of updates, including new Pokemon and raids, to keep gamers entertained. This August, fans of the title can look forward to Pokemon GO Fest 2023, which is set to take place in London, England, Osaka, Japan, and New York City. As the event draws closer, PokeStops may become increasingly crowded, as one player discovered when they stumbled across a real-life PokeStop while travelling.

The fury of certain Pokemon GO gamers has been directed at Niantic, with a few of them accusing the developer of gaslighting them.

Vano, a Pokemon GO player, recently stumbled upon an actual PokeStop in River Falls, Wisconsin that appears as a blue icon on the in-game map. Despite the fact that Wisconsin is currently facing cold weather, the PokeStop was partially buried in snow. Vano was still able to make use of Pokemon GO’s AR scanning feature and scan the PokeStop, thus providing Niantic with data about the location. This data keeps the in-game map up-to-date and helps Niantic get a better understanding of their AR technology for potential future developments.

In Pokemon GO, PokeStops are a critical component of a Pokemon Trainer’s progression. Players can visit PokeStops to collect various items, like Pokemon Eggs, Pokeballs, and presents. Wild Pokemon tend to congregate near PokeStops, and users can activate Lure Modules to bring in even more Wild Pokemon. Moreover, PokeStops are the main source for Field Research tasks, which can be completed for extra rewards.

The PokeStop in reality is unable to be spun, yet it accurately mirrors the symbol that players of Pokemon GO have come to be aware of for several years. Furthermore, the PokeStop works as a physical landmark that people playing Pokemon GO in Wisconsin can go to by adhering to the in-game map. The thick snow, though, may prove to be a hindrance for those looking to catch Pokemon in the nearby area.

Players who are still actively playing Pokemon GO can look forward to the introduction of the Gen 5 Pokemon this May, as they make their way to PokeStops and collect items. There is plenty of exciting new content planned for the game that should keep fans occupied as we move closer to Pokemon GO Fest in August.

The popular game Pokemon GO can now be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.