Pokemon Fan Shares Regional Psyduck Evolutionary Line Concept

A gifted Pokemon artist recently revealed their idea for a regional variant for the Psyduck evolution line, featuring a previously unseen evolution. With over 1,000 creatures, the Pokemon franchise boasts a variety of distinct designs that display their individual personalities, captivating the hearts of followers.

One of the most beloved Pokemon is Slowpoke, with its languid movements and blank expression that make it a favorite of fans. Another one of the original 150 Pokemon, Psyduck, has a perplexing presence. It is often seen with a headache and is always in a daze, creating humorous moments in the Pokemon anime. Despite its usual clumsiness, people are always taken aback when Psyduck finally decides to use its powers.

The_elastic_band, a Reddit user, created some fan art of what a regional variant of the Water-type Psyduck’s evolution line would look like if it was a Psychic-type Pokemon. Psyduck wears an olive branch on its head for a peaceful and relaxed vibe, while Golduck has a design and color combination similar to other Psychic-types such as Alakazam and Drowzee. The fan art even went so far as to include a third evolution called Ascenduck, which stands out for its long neck and the pose of meditation. This artwork furthers the concept of regional Pokemon, as outlined in the article about gimmick mechanics.

The_elastic_band created their own Pokedex entry for the regional Psyduck, with a unique design. This particular Pokemon is said to use its psychic powers to float above the water due to its lack of waterproof feathers. As it evolves, the Psyduck’s mental powers get stronger in its dreams until it is reborn as Ascenduck. Reddit users were very pleased with the idea, with one individual making a humorous remark that the Psyduck “took a single aspirin and immediately achieved nirvana.” Although Psyduck is not one of the best Psychic-type Pokemon in Gen 1, the artist’s interpretation could give it a chance to make the list.

The Pokemon franchise has been around for a long time, and the creativity of its fans is just as long-lasting. People have been coming up with ideas such as Paradox Pokemon fan art and new Mega evolutions for Pokemon. An example of this creative fan art is the work of the_elastic_band, who designed a regional variant for Gible’s evolution line. Not only does the design draw attention, but it also sparks interest in the lore created by the artist – something that resonates with many Pokemon fans.

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The upcoming two-part DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is expected to shed more light on the Terastal phenomenon. A feature that may be included is the rumored Tera forms, which could potentially involve changes to a Pokemon’s appearance during battle. This feature can be based on the Gigantamax treatment seen in Generation 8 of the Pokemon series.

The Terastal phenomenon featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offers players extra strategies during battles, as well as furthering the narrative. As the DLC’s title is ‘The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero,’ it appears that Terastallization is set to be an imperative feature which could shape various Pokedex entries. It is expected to be a major part of the journey in Kitakami and the Blueberry Academy, and will likely influence both new and old Pokemon.

It Appears That the Settings of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Are Making Up for the Chance That Was Lost in Area Zero


It is being reported that the upcoming Tera Forms could be similar to the Gigantamax Mechanic featured in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Sword and Shield expanded upon the success of the Dynamax feature by introducing ‘Gigantamaxing.’ This mechanic temporarily altered the appearance of some Pokemon, reminiscent of the Mega Evolutions featured in Gen 6. Gen 8 limited the Gigantamax forms to a select few Pokemon, both new and old. Players were able to witness the spectacle of Gigantamaxing during their Gym challenges, with its grandeur mirroring the atmosphere of Galar’s stadium arenas.

The release of the Isle of Armor DLC for Sword and Shield added to the Gigantamax roster, which included the region’s fully evolved starters. It is possible that Scarlet and Violet’s DLC may take this into account and put a unique twist on the starter trio. The Terastal phenomenon could be used to further the narrative and environments of the two-part DLC, similar to how Gen 8 used Paradox Pokemon for the same purpose. This could lead to the potential for Tera form appearances that follow a past and future theme, like the two titles.

The two DLCs Scarlet and Violet – The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk – appear to have a contrasting atmosphere, with the former having a more traditional theme and the latter having a futuristic vibe. This could be a chance to introduce alternate tera forms which tie in to the ‘past versus future’ theme of the base games; it is possible that the starter trio could get tera forms which make them look more ancient when players go to Kitakami, and have a more robotic look when they go to Blueberry Academy. This is comparable to Sword and Shield’s treatment of Urshifu, who had different Gigantamax forms based on whether it had learned the Single Strike Style or the Rapid Strike Style.

The potential of Scarlet and Violet ‘s two-part DLC could be increased if they offer the ability to alter the appearance of the Terastallized Pokemon. Taking the lead from the selective treatment of alternate forms in Gen 6 and Gen 8 could be used to showcase some of the more interesting designs in the game. For players, the journey through The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk promises to be exciting, and we will have to wait and see what The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will bring.

The Nintendo Switch has just released two new titles: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Throughout its 25+ years of existence, Pokemon has gone through a number of changes. However, two things have stayed the same: the core gameplay and the age of the main character. The last time the protagonist was in their teenage years was in Black and White 2 and, with Scarlet and Violet sending the player back to school, it looks like they won’t be breaking this habit. As the franchise expands its horizons with more complex themes, it could be time to let the main character age too.

These concepts are not new to the Pokemon franchise, but they are not frequently used. We first saw what could be accomplished in the Pokemon world in 2003’s Pokemon Colosseum and later its sequel, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Both games strayed from the traditional “coming of age” narrative that has been a constant in mainline Pokemon titles, allowing players to explore a more mature side of the Pokemon world. Instead of the typical goal of collecting badges, the protagonists of Colosseum and Gale of Darkness are stealing corrupted Pokemon from the criminal underworld. This darker tone and older characters should be given another chance in Gen 10.

Fans of the Pokemon Franchise Desire a More Mature Version of the Game

Genius Sonority spearheaded the revolution of Pokemon Colosseum, which was unlike any Pokemon game before it. It featured a new story, protagonist, and a dry, post-apocalyptic environment set in the Orre region, as well as being the inaugural Pokemon game to exist in a 3D space. Subsequent titles such as Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness in 2005 followed this trend, but it wasn’t until 2013 that Game Freak released its own 3D Pokemon game for handheld devices, X and Y.

The immense popularity of Pokemon Legends: Arceus has created a heightened demand for fresh takes on the Pokemon series. It is rather astonishing that it took twenty years for there to be a significant deviation from the traditional formula of the mainline series. It is likely that Game Freak will take this into account when crafting the next generation of Pokemon games.

The Possibilities for Pokemon are Endless

The main series of Pokemon has been a lot of fun, but there is more to be had from spin-offs than just obtaining Gym Badges and passing through Victory Road. For years, the journey of a trainer has been the focus of the games, but what happens afterwards is not often explored. In the next generation, it would be wise to take inspiration from Colosseum and Gale of Darkness to look into the lives of other characters in the Pokemon world such as the International Police, who have more serious roles. The International Police have been around since the first generation, but there is not much known about them apart from Looker’s missions.

A change from the standard Pokemon storyline could be borrowed from Colosseum, in which players take on the role of a detective. Bringing back Shadow Pokemon, with the International Police searching out those responsible for their making, could be a great idea. An all-new Pokemon Ranger series could also be an exciting addition, focused on Pokemon rescue and natural disaster relief. With the upcoming DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the next generation of Pokemon will soon be in development. Game Freak should use the success of Legends: Arceus as a motivator to be daring and incorporate more of the past into new ideas.

The much anticipated Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is now available for the Nintendo Switch.