Pokemon Fan Designs Human Version of Sudowoodo

A gifted Pokemon fan artist has created a new work of art that transforms the peculiar Pokemon Sudowoodo into a human form. What makes the Pokemon series so beloved is the capacity for players to relate to the Pokemon they capture and nurture. Every Pokemon has its own individual essence, and its trainers express that in interesting ways. As Sudowoodo is already special among Pokemon, it’s not unexpected that a Pokemon devotee chose to contemplate what it would look like as a human.

Sudowoodo is quite peculiar since it looks like a tiny tree or a broken branch, but it is actually a Rock-type Pokemon. Game Freak included this deceptive Pokemon in its video games, making Sudowoodo block paths and progress. Usually, Pokemon gamers would utilize Cut to bypass a tree stopping them from going forward, but that won’t work on Sudowoodo. Players need to spray water on this Pokemon, which is a weakness of Rock-type Pokemon.

The creativity of Reddit user endifi was sparked by Sudowoodo’s one-of-a-kind character and led to an amazing piece of fan art. Rather than going with the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet -influenced Paradox form, the artist decided to make a human-like version of Sudowoodo. It’s almost as if a trainer wanted to appear more like their Pokemon.

Human Version of Sudowoodo

This piece of art is impressively created, as it drew from both Sudowoodo and traditional Korean clothing. The trainer is wearing a gat, a hat with a thin brim and a branch-like object protruding from the top. Their hanbok consists of a cream-colored undershirt with large sleeves, and a brown robe and pants with gold accents to capture Sudowoodo’s spots. Additionally, they’re holding clover-shaped fans with green circles, resembling Sudowoodo’s hands.

This is an extraordinary piece of work which, incredibly, looks like something a Pokemon trainer would sport in an official Pokemon game. The cartoonish facial features may be what brings the art near to the look of Pokemon house-style art. If Game Freak desires to begin creating human-form Pokemon, endifi’s art could be a great source of inspiration.

endifi has been creating art of humanized Pokemon for quite some time now. With the PokeDex up to the #185 Sudowoodo, the artist has “humanified” all the previous Pokemon. Their Reddit account was first opened three years ago, with the initial posts featuring Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. endifi has even completed art for Pokemon #182 Bellossom. Here’s to their continuing journey into the world of Pokemon.

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On the subreddit [r/pokemon], a user posted an original character (OC) in the form of a Sudowoodo. This unique character was numbered 185 and was created by the user.