Pokemon Fan Art: Dragonite Gets a Demon Slayer Makeover

An exceptionally gifted Pokemon supporter has revealed their fan artwork that imagines Dragonite as a Demon Slayer. Pokemon is a series that appeals to gamers of all ages and with varied backgrounds. Hence, it is not unusual to observe the Pokemon community generate fan art inspired by other renowned anime, conferring Pokemon with fresh looks.

Fan art of the popular franchise Pokemon can range from the whimsical to the more traditional, like Dragonite. This Dragon-type Pokemon is an interesting juxtaposition in two ways. Firstly, its design is drastically different from its earlier forms, Dragonair and Dratini. Secondly, its personality is a blend of both kindness and ferocity. It is known for its intelligence and capacity for compassion, but can become enraged if its environment is threatened. It will only be placated after it has destroyed the source of its fury.

A Reddit user, abz-art, posted fan art that imagines Dragonite as a Demon Slayer. The artwork features Dragonite wearing a costume that resembles the scales of a dragon, as well as a blue sword with a blade made of the scales of its slain siblings. This same sword is supposedly unbreakable. Additionally, the Pokemon wears a necklace of the same origin, allowing it to use more powerful techniques. According to abz-art, this would make Dragonite a formidable opponent for some of the twelve Demon Moons featured in Demon Slayer.

Dragonite as a Demon Slayer [OC]
by u/abz-art in pokemon

Users on Reddit and the artist’s Instagram profile had plenty of praise for Dragonite as a Demon Slayer. One of the comments stated that the Pokemon could have access to Serpent Breathing, one of the fighting techniques of Demon Slayer. Additionally, another user noted that Dragonite reminded them of Toshiro Hitsugaya, captain of the 10th division of Bleach ‘s Gotei 13. Fans who missed it may be interested to know that abz-art converted Snorlax into a Demon Slayer, displaying the Pokemon’s usually laid-back demeanor as a supernatural warrior.

Abz-art’s fan art of Demon Slayer and Pokemon has an interesting element in that it is also functional. This has caused much fascination among Pokemon admirers. Furthermore, Dragonite’s character adds an extra layer of interest to its intimidating aesthetic. For longtime followers, this fan art may bring back memories of the Pokemon Conquest game, which is a spin-off title that combined both Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition.