Player of Hogwarts Legacy Discovers Easter Egg of Fred and George Weasley

Recently, a Hogwarts Legacy gamer unearthed a couple of redheaded twins, which appeared to be none other than Fred and George Weasley, while exploring Hogsmeade. This is only one of the many Easter eggs that have been discovered in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Legacy and is likely one of the most recognizable ones for movie fans.

The developers of Hogwarts Legacy have done an outstanding job in replicating Hogwarts Castle in all its glory, creating the most detailed and captivating version of the castle beyond the big screen. Furthermore, the scope of the game has been broadened to encompass the area around the castle, such as Hogsmeade. Avalanche Software has provided a faithful representation of the village, full of surprises and secrets; players can visit renowned stores, purchase new equipment, interact with magical objects, and perhaps even discover some Easter eggs if they’re thorough enough.

A discovery has been made by a Hogwarts Legacy player, finding a hilarious bug with a frog and the camera being stuck in a vivarium.

Zangetsuee, a Hogwarts Legacy player, uncovered a unique Easter egg while strolling around Hogsmeade. Two characters that bear a striking resemblance to Fred and George Weasley, the twins from the Harry Potter saga, can be found in the game. Although Fred and George hadn’t been born yet in the 1800s when Hogwarts Legacy takes place, Zangetsuee spotted them peeking through the windows of Zonko’s Joke Shop – a location that the Weasley twins visit in the books and films to purchase supplies for their infamous pranks.

In the Reddit post, some other users noted that the redhead twins have more than one part in Hogwarts Legacy. If gamers decide to explore Hogsmeade and stay near Zonko’s magic shop, they will likely witness the twins getting kicked out of the store. Although the scene is short, it gives the audience an understanding of why they were looking at Zonko from the outside in a different scene.

Recently, Hogwarts Legacy has seen its fair share of criticism, particularly regarding the game’s loot system. Two players spent hours trying to unlock a chest in the Slytherin common room, only to be disappointed by the rewards it contained. The system is far from as intricate as some of the other aspects of the game, and the treasures are randomly generated. It may be a letdown for those who are hoping for something special to come out of the chests located in various areas.

Hogwarts Legacy is accessible right now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Additionally, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be released on April 4, with the Nintendo Switch version following on July 25.

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