A Player of Hogwarts Legacy Uncovers Something Unusual During Disillusionment Spellcasting

The open world of Hogwarts Legacy by Avalanche Studios is being explored by a multitude of players, and one of them has made a peculiar discovery with the use of the disillusionment spell in one of the halls of the school. With the sheer number of people playing the game, a great deal of the secrets of the magical school have been revealed, yet there are undoubtedly many more that stay hidden.

This Twitter user has gained massive attention after posting about an interactive experience within Hogwarts Legacy that comes from casting the disillusionment spell. Obtaining this spell is one of the earlier objectives for players, as it gives them the power to take a stroll around the castle undetected – much like an invisibility cloak. This feature of the game can help players find many Easter eggs that could be hidden due to their character’s physical presence, such as the one highlighted by this individual’s post which has gained over 92,000 views.

Madhatter_kim, a Twitter user, recently posted a clip that highlights their custom Hogwarts Legacy wizard using a Disillusionment Charm. After casting the spell at the base of the staircase in the central hall, they turn and run down the stairs on the right side and go through the door. Upon opening it, a suit of armor starts to move and hums a tune while another set stays still. This amusing interaction was triggered by the Disillusionment Charm.

Madhatter_kim’s video shows an animated suit of armor that suddenly lifts its large lance and slams it into a nearby rack, knocking it to the floor within the Hogwarts Legacy castle. The suit of armor on the ground is then hit three times more with the heavy weapon before being jumped on and kicked several more times. Eventually, the one on the ground is reduced to pieces from the onslaught, and the standing one returns to its original position.

The incredible world of Hogwarts Legacy has enchanted players with its animated paintings, decor, statues, and suits of armor that set it apart from the Harry Potter universe. It has managed to break sales and Twitch viewership records since the game was released on February 10 and is likely to see even more success with its upcoming release on last-gen and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Hogwarts Legacy can currently be acquired for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will have access to it on April 4th. Nintendo Switch owners will have to wait until July 25th.

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