Play Zelda’s Adventure Game Boy Demake: A Blast from the Past

A fan from one of the video game communities has managed to produce a demake of Zelda’s Adventure, one of the poorly regarded The Legend of Zelda CD-i games, for the Game Boy. Demakes have been a popular idea amongst gamers, where they imagine what a current title would look like if it was confined to the hardware of an earlier console. There have been demakes of games such as Bloodborne, Elden Ring, and even the Resident Evil 4 remake that have been created. However, this fan has chosen to create a demake of a less successful game, such as one of The Legend of Zelda Philips CD-i titles.

In the 1990s, three exclusive Zelda games were released as a result of a partnership between Nintendo and Philips. The first two games were of the side-scrolling platformer genre, akin to the NES game Zelda 2, and the last one, Zelda’s Adventure, was a top-down adventure similar to the first NES game and Zelda: A Link to the Past. Unfortunately, these games were not supervised by Nintendo and, as a result, were heavily criticized for being extremely mediocre and visually unappealing. Nintendo would prefer for these games to remain in obscurity, however, there are still some fans who find interest in the Zelda CD-i games, despite the negative reviews. A fan even went as far as to create a demake of the third game for the Game Boy.

John Lay, an Irish indie game creator, released this demake of the game for free on the website. In this version, Princess Zelda rescues Link from Ganon. Lay shared that he was inspired by the unique concept and decided to make it playable on a portable system. He chose the Game Boy as the platform, and incorporated the look of Link’s Awakening and components from Zelda Oracle duology.

Lay has utilized GB Studio, a retro game creator, to remake the original CD-i game of Zelda’s Adventure, which is showcased in a video on Twitter. This demake has been crafted with great attention to detail; it offers an old-school feel with no long loading times between rooms. Fans of the game can experience this remake either through a web browser or on an actual Game Boy console.

The remaking of a game from the Zelda Philips’ CD-i trilogy is not a new concept, as one fan created new versions of the two titles Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon in 2020, featuring widescreen, subtitles, and improved gameplay. Even though Nintendo does not officially recognize these remakes, fans remain dedicated to preserving the memory of the games.

Players can get Zelda’s Adventure for free from

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A new version of The Legend of Zelda’s Adventure for the Philips CD-i has been recreated for the Game Boy using the GB Studio software. The classic game, originally released in 1994, is now available for the iconic handheld console.