Overwatch 2 Streamer Discovers Smart Lifeweaver Trick that Traps Enemies

A popular Overwatch 2 streamer managed to carry out a clever use of Lifeweaver’s kit, resulting in the trapping of his foe. This latest Overwatch 2 support hero has been the source of many remarkable plays, with many players taking advantage of Lifeweaver’s capabilities to counter their adversaries’ abilities.

Lifeweaver is an ally-supporting hero with a variety of helpful abilities. One of these is Healing Blossom, which allows him to heal his teammates. Additionally, Life Grip is a shield he uses to protect his companions and pull them towards him. Petal Platform is a unique ability that creates a lotus-shaped platform that can launch Lifeweaver or any hero on it away from a fight quickly, and it also has the potential to cancel out enemies’ abilities when used at the proper time.

Anger from Overwatch 2 Fans Regarding Blizzard’s Reaction to Unjustified Bans

Players of the game Overwatch 2 have voiced their displeasure with Blizzard’s response to them being unjustly banned from the game.

Streamer Fitzy of Overwatch 2 fame employed a unique tactic to snag a win during a Numbani match. He posted a 15-second clip to Twitter that showed his 1v1 battle with an enemy Orisa. The Orisa was trying to reach the first capture point and trigger an overtime. Fitzy had other ideas, though, and deployed a Lifeweaver Petal Platform in the doorway. The platform sprang up when both he and the Orisa stepped on it, leaving the enemy in an awkward position and unable to escape. Fitzy took advantage of the situation and shot the Orisa, clinching the win for his team. The video ended with Fitzy laughing in satisfaction at his clever trick.

Overwatch 2 followers had a strong reaction to Fitzy’s Lifeweaver performance, finding his platform trick particularly “evil”. One viewer was so inspired that they decided to give the support hero a go in their next game.

When Lifeweaver first came out, some gamers voiced their worries about his hitbox and skillset. However, as of late, some humorous and remarkable clips have surfaced, highlighting how potent this character can be in an attacking line-up. It will be interesting to watch how pros in the Overwatch league leverage him in their strategies.

Lifeweaver’s pansexuality has caused many players to become emotionally connected to his story. His dialogue with Baptiste suggests the two could be romantically involved. His one-of-a-kind powers and his vibrant backstory have earned him a spot as a fan favorite in the Overwatch 2 community.

Overwatch 2 can be played on a variety of platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.