Overwatch 2 Announces Successful Challenger for Battle of Olympus

The Overwatch 2 Season 2 event, Battle for Olympus, came to a close on January 19, with Junker Queen topping the list of heroes with the most kills. In keeping with the Greek mythology theme of the season, Blizzard released a limited-time mode that provided certain heroes with special makeovers and modified abilities.

For the Battle for Olympus event, Junker Queen was given a makeover resembling Zeus, Roadhog was granted a one-eyed cyclops look, and Ramattra was given Poseidon-style apparel. Other heroes were given similar makeovers and the challenge was to compete in Free-for-All Deathmatches. Blizzard kept a record of every kill each hero made during the event, and the hero with the highest score would be given their statue on Ilios.

After Blizzard’s Battle for Olympus event, data showed that Junker Queen had amassed the highest kill count with 43,461,573, leaving Damage hero Pharah behind by 3 million kills. Lucio, the favorite Support hero of many, was able to attain third place, though he was unable to reach the top spot. Ramattra, the new Tank hero, ultimately scored the lowest with 25,521,055 kills.

Blizzard referred to the event as the “first annual” Battle for Olympus in a tweet announcing the winner, showing that the event might become an annual occurrence in Overwatch 2. However, if the event is brought back, it may be a strange situation to have the same theme as Season 2’s Greek mythology theme. Furthermore, it is uncertain if a new statue would be added to an existing Overwatch 2 map or if the Junker Queen statue would be replaced. We may not know the answers until next year, should Blizzard choose to continue the Battle for Olympus event.

The reaction from fans regarding the Battle for Olympus was not all that positive, which may leave some people wondering why Blizzard would choose to bring it back. Many followers were unhappy with the event for an assortment of reasons, with some even accusing the company of undermining the competition so that Junker Queen would come out on top regardless. It will be captivating to find out what Overwatch 2 Season 3 has in store and whether the content that is provided can generate more enthusiasm among fans than Battle for Olympus was able to.

Overwatch 2 can be played in its early access version on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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