Overwatch 2 recently released an event called Battle for Olympus, which provides gamers with divine abilities in a unique mode.

During the Battle for Olympus event, the existing Ilios map will feature a statue of the player with the highest score in the match, as a cosmetic addition. This should encourage participants to play efficiently and think hard about which character to choose. As spotted by Polygon, the trailer shows small armor packs being spread around, which resemble those used by Torbjorn. We don’t know what these packs are for yet, but we won’t have to wait long to find out. The Battle for Olympus event will be running for two weeks, beginning on the 5th of January and ending on the 19th, with the Lunar New Year event kicking off on the 17th.

Blizzard has declared a fresh occasion for Overwatch 2. Players will be able to experience the power of the gods when the Greek-themed Battle for Olympus event starts on 5th January, offering users divine rewards, though the exact rewards are yet to be disclosed. Overwatch 2, which was unveiled in 2022, has been regularly updated with new features such as heroes and cosmetics. The new event will be a deathmatch with a twist, and seven heroes have been granted new abilities. Widowmaker will turn her enemies into stone, Roadhog will throw rocks with Cyclopean strength, and Junker Queen will use Zeus’ lightning to spark opponents.

Lucio’s ultimate will stun opponents, and Ramattra’s will lift them into the air. The map of the event, Ilios, will also feature a statue of the highest-scoring player during the game. Additionally, there are small armor packs that look like those of Torbjorn, but their function is yet to be revealed. Battle for Olympus will last from the 5th of January till the 19th, followed by the Lunar New Year event from the 17th.

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