Spectacular Kiriko Performance Demonstrates That Overwatch 2 Has a Significant Play of the Game Issue

A player playing Overwatch 2 uploaded a video of their most recent match, in which they wiped out the whole opposing team as Kiriko but did not get the Play of the Game, which is normally awarded to a participant who makes a considerable difference in the match. Many competitors strive to receive the Play of the Game at the conclusion of an Overwatch 2 game, yet some cannot attain it no matter how much they influenced the game.

A unique feature of Overwatch 2, the Play of the Game has become one of the most favored components of the game. After each game, an algorithm is used to pinpoint the most influential play and display it to all players. The Play of the Game commences with a Highlight Intro of the chosen character and shows the game-changing move from the perspective of the player. This Play of the Game often showcases multiple kills, the use of an Ultimate ability, environmental kills, or assists during Overtime.

When aQuarterChub, a Reddit user, was playing Overwatch 2 as Kiriko, their match was won in Overtime due to their ability to kill the entire enemy team. In spite of Kiriko’s normal role of healing, aQuarterChub managed to take out their opponents with a barrage of kunai, yet their victory was not recognized as the Play of the Game.

In the comments for the Reddit post, other Overwatch 2 players were not taken aback that Kiriko’s activity wasn’t elected for the Play of the Game. They noticed that even though she eliminated the entire enemy team, the kills were too spread out to be featured. Kiriko managed to slay her enemies one-by-one over a 30 second period, whereas the Play of the Game clips tend to last less than 20 seconds. Consequently, Overwatch 2 would pick another moment where the kills were closer together, such as a multi-kill action caused by an Ultimate ability, instead of Kiriko’s play.

In Overwatch 2, Plays of the Game are used to honor players that excel in a match, but they can occasionally provide some humorous moments. For instance, a recent Play of The Game clip featuring Pharah finishing off four enemies with a self-destruct was cut short due to her own demise.

Overwatch 2 is now available in its early access phase on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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