Overwatch 2 Competitors Displeased with Possibility of Weakening Genji’s Dragon Blade

The recent announcement of potential nerfs to Overwatch 2’s Genji and his Dragon Blade ultimate has not been met with acclaim by fans of the ninja Hero. Blizzard’s shooter franchise received a new lease of life when the sequel was released last year with a free-to-play model. 5v5 gameplay and new Heroes like Kiriko and Sojourn were also brought in to the game. Now, the developer may be planning to make changes to one of the much-favoured Heroes.

The ninja Overwatch character Genji has been a fan-favorite since his introduction, known for his swift movements and aggressive playstyle. Unfortunately, players of Overwatch 2 have been displeased with how the character has been handled, as he has been nerfed in regards to both his ammo capacity and shuriken damage. This has caused fans to express their dissatisfaction, and Blizzard is now looking into making alterations to Genji’s Ultimate, Dragon Blade.

Overwatch 2 Dragon Blade

At a recent gathering about the status of Overwatch 2, Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson indicated that Genji may experience additional nerfs due to the hero still being in a balanced condition. Dawson proposed that some of the hero’s power should be taken from his Ultimate and placed in other areas of his kit. This notion has been met with strong disapproval from Genji’s supporters, who say he has lost his defining qualities while his damage output is much weaker compared to the impressive healing potential of Overwatch 2 players.

Some have speculated that the data used in Overwatch 2 could be the cause of the misunderstanding about Genji’s strength. It is thought that the developer may have overemphasized Genji’s power in lower tiers, giving unskilled players an easy advantage. In addition, Genji players have voiced their discontent with the removal of the DPS speed passive, noting that it makes the Hero less enjoyable to play.

As Overwatch 2 has added some fresh Heroes, including Kiriko, Sojourn, and Junker Queen, with Ramattra being the first new character launched in October, players of Genji must hope Blizzard will respond to their feedback with the second season of Overwatch 2 coming to an end.

Overwatch 2 is accessible now in its early stages on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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