Playable Dating Sim Featuring Genji and Mercy Now Available for Overwatch 2

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Blizzard is offering a brand new dating sim, Loverwatch – Love Never Dies, which has been launched in conjunction with Overwatch 2. Interested fans can try out the game by clicking here. This marks a departure from the franchise’s past, as Overwatch usually put on events for other holidays instead of Valentine’s Day. For the occasion, Overwatch 2 is hosting a special Ultimate Valentine’s Day event.

Until February 28th, Overwatch 2 players can take part in the Ultimate Valentine’s Day event! The exclusive Team Deathmatch mode – Love of Geometry – will have Cupid Hanzos fight each other with the classic Scatter Arrow ability. Although the event is only available for a short time, those who wish to have the skin permanently can buy it from the shop.

For the Valentine’s Day event, one of the biggest additions to Overwatch 2 may be the Love of Geometry game mode, but the dating sim will certainly not be ignored. Players can try to win the affections of Genji or Mercy. By taking some time to play the dating sim, Overwatch 2 fans can earn rewards that will be incorporated into the game at some point in a later update.

Overwatch 2 Dating Sim

The reasons for the absence of the Overwatch 2 dating sim within the game remain a mystery, yet it is expected to provide an entertaining diversion for fans. This is one of the most recent additions to the Overwatch 2 franchise, with Blizzard introducing Overwatch 2 Season 3. Taking into consideration the feedback from fans, Overwatch 2 Season 3 has introduced a plethora of quality-of-life modifications intended to not only keep die-hard gamers captivated but also to lure back former players.

The latest installment of Overwatch 2 Season 3 includes a new Antarctic Peninsula map that is sure to be a hit. It is among the few maps in the game that utilizes ice in its design, which makes it remarkable compared to the other maps. Quality-of-life improvements are also included.

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 did not introduce any new characters, however more are being developed for the hero-shooter. Blizzard used the initial seasons of Overwatch 2 to make the game a reality and now they are trying to create a pattern involving new characters and maps. To keep players interested, Overwatch 2 should have a new character and a new map every other season. Fans can look forward to content to come in the upcoming months.

The latest installment in the Overwatch franchise, Overwatch 2, is now available in early access for players on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X platforms.

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