Overwatch 2 Bans: Players Upset by Blizzard’s Response

The commencement of Overwatch 2 Season 4 has not been without its flaws, and Blizzard’s reply to the problem has done nothing to assuage the ire of the game’s fanbase. Numerous Overwatch 2 players have been met with various matchmaking issues since the season began, while some were even given a season-long ban for unintentional disconnections from competitive matches, a decision which cannot be reversed according to Blizzard.

Season 4 of Blizzard’s live-service hero shooter brings a multitude of new content, including a season pass with exclusive rewards, a limited-time multiplayer mode, and the introduction of the 37th hero, Lifeweaver. This support character has a variety of abilities that can be game-changing when used correctly. His healing is weaker than other support heroes, but his Petal Platform and Life Grip offer enhanced mobility and the ability to save teammates in precarious situations.

Since the launch of the newest season, Overwatch 2 has been suffering from various connection and matchmaking problems. These issues have been made evident by the “applying update” message which has caused some users to receive unwarranted suspensions. Blizzard has provided an official response concerning the issue, explaining that the development team is looking into it; however, they are unable to overturn the bans that have already been issued. This lack of recourse has been met with dissatisfaction by the Overwatch 2 community, with players having no other choice than to wait out their bans.

For those that have been prohibited from competitive play in succession, this is highly annoying. A few devotees have endured a prohibition that has gone on for the entirety of the current season, or even longer. A great many Overwatch 2 competitors have encountered infinite queue times in Season 4 up to this point, and some have attributed the spate of matchmaking bugs to the Competitive Rank revamp that was implemented at the beginning of Season 4.

Recent difficulties with Overwatch 2 have caused a decrease in its popularity, as player counts have been seen to drop. Fortunately, it is believed that the developers will soon be able to resolve the matchmaking bugs. Nevertheless, players should still go to the Practice Range when they log in to prevent any suspension problems.

Overwatch 2 can be obtained and played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.