Overwatch 2 Announces Plans for Lunar New Year Celebration

The Lunar New Year celebration in Overwatch 2 is offering a range of exclusive game modes, maps themed for the holiday, and a collection of rewards comprising of skins, emotes, charms, and other cosmetics. As one of the yearly events of Overwatch, Blizzard has prepared a selection of seasonal game modes for gamers to pursue during the event in Overwatch 2.

As the bond between Blizzard and its Chinese associates diminishes, Overwatch 2 is still celebrating the Lunar New Year. A fresh Epic skin is also on offer during the event, as well as extra surprises for fans. Overwatch 2 is aiming to make the Year of the Rabbit a lucky one, with lots of potential positive developments for the game in the months to come.

Beginning on January 17, Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag Blitz, and Bounty Hunter will be available in Overwatch 2 for those looking for something different than the 5v5 ranked mode. This time around, Lijiang Tower has been spruced up for its brawl modes, along with a competitive mode for those who want to prove themselves, and a Capture the Flag leaderboard that will track the highest performers during the event. This Lunar New Year event will conclude on January 30.

At the item shop, Mei will soon be featured with a new Hu Tou Mao Epic Skin for 1000 Overwatch coins. Log-in bonuses and Twitch drops will be available during the Lunar New Year event. Moira’s Lion Roars victory pose can be earned by watching any Overwatch 2 stream for 2 hours with drops enabled, and her Masked Dancer Legendary skin can be obtained after another 4 hours of watching. Challenges will offer a chance to obtain cosmetic items like Echo’s Legendary Kkachi skin and Lucky Pouch charms. To keep things interesting, the challenges are expected to be rotated weekly throughout the course of the event, offering opportunities to obtain past Lunar New Year cosmetics.

Regrettably, some players have found that the events of Overwatch 2 have been perceived as “more of the same” for a game that was initially advertised as a major revamp from its predecessor. While the rewards are attractive for gamers with the “got to have it” impulse, they don’t compensate for the game’s inability to really enthuse some players and cause acceptance for the controversial item store of Overwatch 2. Mei’s new Epic skin is the only new skin with many of the old event rewards returning and the featured skins are either those that players may already possess or skins for heroes that some gamers do not use.

Overwatch 2 is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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