Major Update Bringing Free and Paid Season Passes to the New World

Amazon Games recently declared that an update is on the way for New World, featuring a Season Pass with a Free Track and a Premium Track. As players complete in-game tasks and seasonal missions, they will be able to unlock a range of prizes from seasonal gear, to skins, pets, material caches, and other rewards. New World offers plenty of benefits from its Season Pass system.

As Amazon Games’ inaugural title, the ballyhoo surrounding its launch in 2021 resulted in tremendous server queue times in New World with thousands of gamers wanting to experience Aeternum. The fervor around the game soon died down, yet, due to a lack of endgame activities and technical problems. Since then, Amazon Games has been updating New World with overhauls of entire systems, new areas to explore, and even some new weapon classes. The game has seen many changes since its launch, and it is about to witness another major transformation.

Amazon Games has declared that New World will be implementing a Season Pass system, with both paid and no-cost reward tracks, that mirrors those of current popular titles such as Destiny 2, Overwatch 2, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. After reaching level 25, players can make progress on the reward track by completing the Season Journey’s chapters and their tasks, like “Complete 3 Faction Missions” or “Obtain level 60.” Each task grants Seasonal XP, and finishing an entire chapter yields a major reward plus a huge Seasonal XP boost.

What Is the Price Tag for the New World Season Pass?

New World Add Free and Paid Season Passes

20,000 Symbols of Luck

The 20,000 Marks of Fortune for the paid version of the season pass can add up to about $20. It is recommended to wait until the end of the season to decide if the potential rewards are worth the cost. Season 1, Fellowship & Fire, comes around on March 28th with a New World update ( that will incorporate changes and improvements.

One might not think it, but season pass systems are a frequent occurrence in MMORPGs. For instance, World of Warcraft has its Trading Post as a type of Battle Pass, Star Wars: The Old Republic has Galactic Seasons, Lord of the Rings Online offers the Legendary Item Reward Track, and even Final Fantasy 14’s Series PvP system is a Battle Pass for PvP players. Whether people like it or not, the fear of missing out and daily tasks that come with this strategy to retain and engage players seems to be growing in popularity.

The PC-version of New World can be accessed.

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