New Superman Game Teased: What We Know So Far

A Warner Bros. executive has disclosed that a new Superman game may be in development. The DC universe has a lot of video games that are based on its superheroes, but many of them in recent years have been more about multiple heroes or only Batman. Some fans were hoping for a game about other popular names, such as Superman, and David Zaslav, the current CEO, has implied that this could be the case. DC licensed games may be focused on other iconic names.

Last year saw the merger of Warner Media and Discovery, and since then, Zaslav has been revamping a number of DC-related projects, ranging from video games to theatrical films. One of the most highly anticipated projects is James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy movie, which will be a major part of the DC film universe. This movie was discussed in a 2023 first quarter earnings call, which Zaslav was a part of.

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Zaslav discussed the possibilities of Warner Bros. Discovery’s portfolio of IPs being used in interactive entertainment like feature-length films and video games, citing the impressive sales of Hogwarts Legacy as an example. He attributed the success of Legacy to its ability to draw players into the world, and argued the same could be done for other IPs, such as Superman.

Zaslav indicated that when a product or show is introduced, a related game can act as a “middleman.” He cited the superhero Superman as an illustration, noting that launching a Superman movie could be accompanied by people devoting more time to the Superman world and universe. Although he didn’t explicitly confirm that a Superman game was in progress, it’s possible that it may happen at some point.

In the past, Zaslav had mentioned that he wanted to increase DC’s output in gaming, and this recent call appears to be a reflection of that. He believes that, as technology advances, people will spend as much time gaming as they do watching films and consuming other forms of “long form storytelling”. Furthermore, he believes that Warner Bros. could make a lot of money off of games based on popular IPs. Fans will have to wait and see if Zaslav’s plan will result in a new Superman game, as well as a reboot of the DC Cinematic Universe.

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Warner Bros. Discovery’s head has indicated the possibility of a new Superman game. This has been inferred from their recent comments on the matter, suggesting that the company is looking into the prospect of a video game that features the iconic superhero. Furthermore, the executive said that the team is in the process of exploring the idea.