New Limited-Edition Xbox Wireless Controller and Headset for Gamers

It has been reported that a new, limited edition set of accessories is on the way for Xbox console owners. There are numerous choices of controllers for Xbox gamers, with new options being added to the market every few months. And now, it appears another one is due to be released shortly.

Since the launch of the Xbox Series X/S console in 2020, several new versions of the controller have been made available. These variants, which come in different colors, are designed with various user needs in mind. Players can now choose from the wireless Elite Series X Core Controller for PC or Xbox gaming, or from models more suitable for fighting games. This latest iteration of the controller is likely to be another wireless device.

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Twitter user billbil_kun has reported that Microsoft is releasing a Limited Edition Xbox controller and headset in the near future, with no set date. Prices are set at $79.99 for the controller and $124.99 for the headset. The controller has been given the codename Ogden, while the headset is named Orren. Attached to the post were a few screenshots of the Xbox accessories.

When it comes to billbil_kun, the Twitter user has demonstrated a certain degree of dependability in terms of accuracy. Previous reports from them have all proved to be factual, such as the title of games in a PlayStation Plus lineup before it was officially declared, and even the revelation of Microsoft’s intention to create a Diablo 4 Xbox Series X set to be released with the game, which was actually confirmed only a few days after the initial report. Though the leaker has made quite a few correct predictions in the past, fans are still advised to wait and see if this information is correct or not.

It has been reported that Microsoft is developing a custom Xbox controller and headset in relation to the upcoming release of Bethesda’s Starfield. Despite this, there are supposedly no plans in the works to create a Starfield -themed Xbox Series X/S console as a companion product for September.

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A new limited-edition Xbox controller and headset combination is set to hit the market soon. The bundle features a custom-designed Xbox Wireless Controller, as well as an Xbox-branded headset. The controller has a unique design, with a translucent dark blue finish, copper accents, and etched textures. The bundle is expected to be released in the near future.