New FPS Game Looks Like a Cross Between Cuphead and Doom

The recently revealed teaser trailer for a first-person shooter, Mouse, appears to be a blending of Cuphead and classic Doom titles. This could be an indie title that follows in the footsteps of some of the major successes in the independent game space, akin to what Cuphead has accomplished.

Cuphead combined vintage and modern elements through its use of the traditional rubber hose style of animation in a contemporary video game run-and-gun classic. Even now, years after its original release, the game still astonishes with the extraordinary Cuphead DLC of 2022. The impact of the game is beginning to be seen with the upcoming title Mouse that will also utilize a rubber hose-style animation look, however will be making a switch to a completely distinct genre.

A timelapse video was released showing how Yoshitaka Amano, the legendary artist behind the Final Fantasy franchise, drew characters from Cuphead. See Also: Legendary Final Fantasy Artist Yoshitaka Amano Creates Cuphead Characters in Timelapse Video

A teaser trailer for the upcoming game Mouse has recently been released on Fumi Games’ YouTube channel. The game is a mix of Cuphead, Looney Tunes, and Steamboat Willy animation with gameplay inspired by the ’90s Doom games, not the new Mighty Doom. The main character is seen navigating puzzle-like maps while trying to dodge waves of gun-toting mouse mobsters. This game is more focused on movement and agility than shooting.

It is evident from this short preview that Mouse is still in its early stages of development, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in potential. Combining features from popular run-and-gun titles such as Cuphead and Doom with its own vision and style could be a great draw for gamers. Fumi Games is a relatively new studio and does not have an official game release yet. Despite that, the teaser trailer has gained the attention of over 300 thousand viewers on IGN.

Fumi is currently developing another game, Galaxi Taxi, which has many similarities to Cuphead. Galaxi Taxi is a side-scrolling shooter, but it is more like Japanese shoot ’em ups than Cuphead which was more akin to the classic run-and-gun game, Contra. There is no release date set for either Mouse or Galaxi Taxi, so it is unknown which will be the studio’s debut title. Nonetheless, Fumi’s upcoming Polish video game studio looks to have a great future ahead.

Development is taking place for the mouse.