Afeera, A Newly Introduced Hero, Has Been Revealed in For Honor

Ubisoft has made public a novel character for For Honor – Afeera. In the trailer that was released, along with the announcement of the character’s arrival, the fans have responded with enthusiasm to the aspects of the hero. Moreover, the trailer also displayed the release date for the character.

When it first came out in February 2017, For Honor was greeted with a great deal of approval from supporters and reviewers alike. So successful was it that in Japan For Honor was the highest-selling video game during its opening week. However, since that time, the game’s player count has dropped considerably. Despite the on-going updates to it, some followers point out that the frequent reworks and modifications have harmed the longevity of For Honor.

Attention is being brought to Afeera, the latest For Honor hero. On February 2nd, players will be able to access her for $7.99. Additionally, there will be a free trial week for For Honor players beginning February 2nd and ending February 9th. Afeera can be played across all platforms, which comes shortly after For Honor enabled cross-platform play five years after its launch.

The trailer of For Honor has showcased Afeera as an agile and precise hero equipped with a mace and shield. Hailing from Arabia, the character has been met with much enthusiasm from fans, as they can see the unique and enjoyable combos that can be performed. Ubisoft is aiming to maintain the player base for the game by offering Afeera and making For Honor available on Xbox Game Pass.

As the newest season of For Honor approaches, Ubisoft appears to be introducing plenty of new content for its player base. There have been whispers of a Dead By Daylight collaboration, which could result in a substantial rise in For Honor players. It is obvious that Ubisoft has been paying attention to its fans, as they had been asking for a Mace Hero since the game’s release and the company has ultimately responded.

The For Honor title is praised for its heroes, gameplay, and events, like the Halloween one, however, due to its age and the challenge it poses, some fans believe a larger-scale update is required to revive the IP. Suggestions are being made for a next-generation edition of the game to draw the attention of new and old players alike.

For Honor has been released and is now playable on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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