NES-Style Xbox Controllers: The Perfect Mix of Nostalgia and Gaming

A creative artist has recently exposed their amazing fan-crafted models of Xbox controllers designed to look like the NES. The NES controller, famous for its memorable design, is recognizable by gamers who weren’t around when it first came out.

It is intriguing to observe the various ways artists opt to pay tribute to vintage designs utilizing more contemporary brands. As these retro consoles age, it appears to be an increasingly popular trend. This phenomenon is not solely limited to artwork; one retro gamer managed to get Windows 98 running on an Xbox Series S console, allowing them to play older games on modern hardware in a creative fashion. As advances in technology continue, gamers will consistently discover new methods to demonstrate their appreciation for gaming systems from the past.

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The remarkable design is credited to Redditor Snowway22, who posted their concept online, imagining what an Xbox would look like if it had been released in the 1980s. The controller’s shape is inspired by the NES, yet it still maintains its Xbox identity with the well-known color scheme. It’s fascinating to think that, nowadays, a console such as the original Xbox can be considered retro. It may possibly offer a chance in the future for retro designs based on earlier Xbox consoles.

The post drew the attention of the Xbox Reddit account, who made a humorous comment. A lot of Reddit users had complimentary remarks and even said they would purchase the design immediately if they could. A Reddit user did note that the D-pad of such a design would likely have been different due to a Nintendo patent, but this was more of an interesting fact about vintage designs than a critique.

Despite the fact that the Xbox brand still enjoys a great deal of support from fans, Microsoft has been having a difficult time of late. No matter what steps they take, the corporation is unable to finalize the purchase of Activision. The launch of Redfall has further added to the difficulties that Microsoft is facing, causing many to express concern about the first-party offerings of the Xbox brand. June’s Xbox Games Showcase may be the ideal moment for Microsoft to address their issues and make the necessary changes to the Xbox brand’s future.