Hunter Pets in World of Warcraft Decrease in Size

Reports of World of Warcraft having downgraded Hunter pets, potentially making them smaller in size, have been circulating the World of Warcraft community. Although Blizzard has yet to confirm these claims, the evidence is quite compelling. It is possible that this is only a misunderstanding, as players have been asking for some Hunter pets to be reduced in size for quite some time.

In World of Warcraft, Blizzard has created numerous Hunter pet families, comprising of various color variations, with some of them being notably large, such as those belonging to the Mammoth family. If a World of Warcraft Hunter wishes to tame a Mammoth as their pet, then they would expect it to be of significant size, as its size is associated with their accomplishment in the game. Therefore, reducing the Mammoth’s size would be counter-intuitive to the Hunter’s experience.

As is often noted, the actual gameplay is paramount, and the gigantic pets in World of Warcraft can be very problematic for players. A World of Warcraft user known as Ultiverse recently exhibited what they think to be evidence that Blizzard is addressing these issues. They posted an image on Reddit that exhibits their two Magmammoth Hunter pets, “before” is much bigger than the player while mounted, and “after” being just as small or smaller than the person while mounted.

WoW Hunter Pets

The point being made in the post is that Blizzard may have either diminished the size of Magmammoths or implemented broader modifications that could affect multiple if not all, Hunter pets. Blizzard has not verified any of these changes, although they did come about after the release of the 10.0.5 World of Warcraft update. This could either be a legitimate alteration, an unforeseen bug, or a misinterpretation. Without further investigation, it is impossible to be certain.

It is evident that players of World of Warcraft, apart from Hunters, largely concur that modifications such as the one revealed are mandatory. Big Hunter pets can obstruct the view of adversaries or comrades in battle and could potentially lead to serious problems in challenging content like raids or Mythic+ dungeons of World of Warcraft. Reducing them even slightly makes a big difference in improving combat.

In contrast, Hunters cherish their companions dearly. It would probably be a shock for some gamers to log in to World of Warcraft and see that the size of their Mammoth has been reduced. It would be nice if there were a way to keep them full-sized during non-combat moments, yet small during combat. So, Hunters who possess Magmammoths will want to investigate whether they have been affected by Blizzard’s shrinkage of Hunter pets.

World of Warcraft is now accessible on PC.

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