Naughty Dog has uncovered new information and visuals for the online side of The Last of Us, giving fans a better idea of what to expect.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of The Last of Us, developer Naughty Dog has revealed a sneak peek of the new standalone multiplayer title. The concept art shows two survivors exploring a cruise liner and could be a map for the game. There isn’t much known about the game yet, but Naughty Dog has promised more information later this year. The Last of Us and the 2014 Remaster both have a multiplayer mode called Factions which have been popular among fans. Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckman has said the narrative is “shaping up to be a fresh, new experience” and that it will have a story. They could be taking inspiration from Titanfall, which had a hybrid multiplayer story. Additionally, Druckman has also teased the “franchise’s future” without elaborating further. For now, fans can watch The Last of Us on HBO and HBO Max starting January 15.

Naughty Dog The Last of Us

Naughty Dog is giving fans a sneak peak of the upcoming standalone multiplayer title in the world of The Last of Us in honor of the series’ 10-year anniversary. The developer has pledged to reveal additional information about the game this year, as well as news regarding the franchise’s future. Co-president Neil Druckman has said that this multiplayer project will have a unique narrative unlike anything the studio has done before, rooted in their passion for compelling storytelling. The concept art that was released shows two survivors exploring the ruins of a cruise liner, which could indicate a greater level of verticality in the game. Although there is no concrete information on the game yet, it is speculated that the narrative could be similar to Titanfall, where both factions experience the same story arcs. Fans can watch the HBO and HBO Max series for The Last of Us starting January 15th as they wait for more updates.

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