MrBeast Buys Entire Neighborhood: Latest Spendings Beyond Games

A report has been released indicating that YouTube sensation MrBeast is in the process of potentially acquiring an entire suburban area in North Carolina. While his online persona is renowned for its opulent giveaways, it appears this real estate venture is unrelated to these lavish video stunts, although it is no less costly.

Jimmy Donaldson was raised in the bustling city of Greenville, North Carolina, the largest city in Pitt County. His team of 30, which includes many of his childhood friends from the area, help him to break YouTube records continually. Although he has achieved great success on the platform, he remains based in the city of 87,000 people.

A Look at Why Elon Musk Is Sending Money to MrBeast Each Month

The internet has been abuzz recently with news that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is sending a small amount of money to YouTuber MrBeast every month. Reports have come out about why this is the case.

Donaldson has been deepening his connections to the Greenville area by buying several homes close to each other in a suburban area on the outskirts. According to the New York Post, the 25-year-old YouTuber has acquired five out of the six residences on the cul-de-sac since 2018, using the real estate for himself, his family, and his staff. His first purchase was a two-story unit for an estimated $320,000 and it is still his primary residence.

In the five years following, MrBeast obtained four additional properties near his original, with the majority of them being bought in a private sale, resulting in a higher than usual price. The only one to be put on the market was in 2020 and it was the least expensive, costing $263,000. The YouTube sensation invested a total of over two million dollars on the five Greenville properties.

In late 2022, MrBeast became the most successful YouTube content creator, surpassing PewDiePie’s subscriber count who had held the title of most subscribed individual on the platform for almost a decade. Despite PewDiePie’s peak subscriber count of 110 million, MrBeast’s channel continues to gain momentum. Six months after the achievement, MrBeast’s main channel gained an additional 40 million subscribers and is only 4 million away from being the third-most-subscribed YouTube creator, right behind Sony Entertainment Television India.

After accomplishing something extraordinary, the celebrated performer seems to be concentrating more on charitable causes. His most recent video, which he had been promoting for months as his greatest project yet, is about his endeavor to donate high-tech hearing aids to one thousand deaf people.