Mojang Issues Warning to Legacy Minecraft Account Holders

Mojang, the creator of Minecraft, has sent out its last reminder to any person who is still using an outdated account to access the game, often referred to as a Minecraft Premium account. Microsoft purchased the popular open-world game and its development studio in 2014, but it wasn’t until six years later that Microsoft began to require that players transfer from a Mojang account to a Microsoft one in order to continue playing Minecraft.

Those who still play Minecraft Java Edition, the original version of the game, have probably received emails and notifications over the years to transition, which can be done without much difficulty. Considering Minecraft is 11 years old now and older for those who appreciate the pre-release builds, some players may have gone before the announcement of the required migrations of accounts, unaware that their Minecraft world could one day disappear.

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Mojang has released an ultimatum to all Java Edition players who have yet to update their _Minecraft _accounts to a Microsoft one. All transfers must be completed by 11:00 AM EST on September 19, 2023, or else the individual will not be able to log in to or the Minecraft Launcher. In addition, two weeks prior to the migration deadline, September 5, the support for the migration-related help tickets will cease.

Mojang has made the switch over to Microsoft accounts obligatory for both security and ease of use. Players will also gain the ability to activate two-factor authentication and have access to all their PC editions of Minecraft via one single account. This includes Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons and the recently released Minecraft Legends, a real-time strategy game which is a great choice for new players.

With so many editions of Minecraft now available, such as the Education Edition and Java Edition, it can be confusing for new players to decide which to get. The original version, Java, is only available on PC and is great for those who like to tinker with mods. Bedrock Edition, released in 2017, is focused on cross-platform play, which is perfect for those who want to play with friends.

Throughout the years, different versions of Minecraft were released for platforms such as Xbox 360, PS3 and New Nintendo 3DS, which are now referred to as Legacy Console Editions. These versions are not supported by updates anymore and have been discontinued. If a person hasn’t played the game in a while, they should make sure that they have a legacy account that needs to be moved over to Microsoft.

Minecraft can be played on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and older platforms.

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It’s the last call for those who wish to transfer their Minecraft account from Mojang to Microsoft! If you haven’t already done so, you need to do it before the deadline of May 6th 2021. At that time, the ability to transfer accounts will no longer be available. This means that all Mojang accounts that haven’t been transferred will become Microsoft accounts. So if you’re one of those people who still need to migrate, don’t wait any longer! Do it now before it’s too late.