Recent Report Narrows Down Date of Next Metro Video Game Release

A recently revealed report has identified a possible launch date for the sequel of Metro Exodus. This information was brought to light just a few weeks after 4A Games provided modders with free access to the Exodus SDK engine, and also confirmed that the newest installment of the Metro franchise is still in the works.

It has been at least three years since the announcement of the fourth installment of the renowned FPS franchise based on the best-selling book Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. 4A Games had confirmed its development in 2020 but has given very little information about the project since then. The only information shared concerning the title was their statement that the new Metro game will be focused on multiplayer gaming, which dates back to that initial announcement.

eXtas1s, a Spanish YouTuber, claims to have knowledge from industry sources that the sequel to Metro Exodus is well underway and is already in a playable state. This implies that the developer team has likely already started extensive playtesting. This could be a sign that the game is targeting a release date in 2024, as the report claims.

When it comes to evaluating the veracity of these claims, the same source has recently reported on the addition of an Atlus RPG to Xbox Game Pass, in addition to correctly revealing the release date of the co-op shooter Redfall prior to Bethesda’s official announcement. The YouTuber’s history of leaks is not extensive, but it does demonstrate that they have some level of insider information within the industry.

It seems likely that Deep Silver will publish the follow-up to Metro Exodus due to the long-term relationship between 4A Games and the Austrian company which began in 2013 with the release of Metro: Last Light.

During the Crimean crisis in 2014, 4A Games made the difficult but necessary decision to move its headquarters and the majority of its personnel to Malta before the end of the month-long conflict. According to the owner, Andrew Prokhorov, the studio would have shut down if it had stayed in Ukraine. Nevertheless, the firm still has an office in Kyiv, which recently exposed the fact that one of the developers of Metro Exodus was killed while fighting in Ukraine.

Work is currently underway on the fourth instalment of the Metro franchise for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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