New Trailer From Meet Your Maker Announces Open Beta Release Date

Behaviour Interactive, a game developer, recently announced the open beta date of its upcoming first-person shooter, Meet Your Maker. On February 6th, the title will open its doors to Steam players to experience the raiding and base-building action the game offers, with a livestream hosted by the developers at 11am EST.

The one-minute open beta trailer of Meet Your Maker reveals its multitude of traps and guards. It shows how players can exchange roles to make use of the wide variety of destructive apparatus. From speeding spikes to intimidating beasts, Meet Your Maker will have the player in the builder role devise intricate Outposts. Those who take on the role of the raider will need to be equipped to fend off the traps created by other players.

Meet Your Maker beta

In Meet Your Maker, the post-apocalyptic world is on the brink of collapse and Custodians of the Chimera must find Genetic Material to survive. Architects of the Outposts are challenged to build their structures with lethal traps and watch them in action during raids. This asynchronous gameplay also allows players to construct their Outposts from a first-person perspective.

The Steam page of the title states that those assuming the role of the builder can “secure plots of land, and deploy a variety of blocks, traps, and sentinels to extract and protect Genmat while constructing a perilous competition for other players.”

The Meet Your Maker Open Beta will have the title’s game designer and community manager streaming the gameplay, and all participants will receive a Chimera’s Chosen decal. Even those who purchase the game after the beta will still be able to keep the decal.

The upcoming game from the creators of Dead by Daylight is slated to arrive on April 3rd, landing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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