Recent Update to Lost Ark Leaves Players Baffled

An ironic bug was introduced in the most recent Lost Ark update that results in players losing their character’s heads. Despite the game already being popular in Asia prior to its Western release, Lost Ark saw a significant surge in players when it officially launched in the West in February 2022, which led to a flurry of bug reports, including this one.

A number of Redditors are among the many Lost Ark gamers who have uploaded footage of their characters losing their heads in the Smilegate and Amazon Games MMO. It has stayed popular among players and Twitch viewers since its launch in the West, with only occasional decreases between new content releases. Similar to other MMORPGs, like New World and World of Warcraft, developers must issue hotfixes with updates, and another may be necessary due to an issue that started with the latest patch.

Yesterday, Reddit user Clone-Kuuhaku posted something from Lost Ark, featuring themselves next to their fox pet as one of the customizable heroes from the Gunslinger class. At first, everything seemed normal, however, when the character began to move, an unexpected sight was revealed. A detached head seemed to be floating away from its body in a peculiar manner, bobbing and responding to the movements of the Gunslinger as it ran around the

Gakiloroth and Endraegon, two Reddit users, both encountered the same glitch that affected many Lost Ark Gunslingers, including the first player. Gakiloroth posted a clip to demonstrate the headless skin as seen from a classic Lost Ark overhead camera angle and then zoomed in to show the head floating away from the body. Endraegon, instead of a video, used screenshots to show their Gunslinger before and after the update, the latter being the headless version. This illustrates how widespread the problem is in the MMO.

Players are having a lot of trouble with a visual conundrum in Lost Ark associated with Gunslingers. It is possible that Smilegate will be able to address this bug soon, as it appears to be linked to specific classes or skins. Although Gunslingers are having a hard time, heroes such as mages and martial artists appear to not be affected.

Lost Ark is now accessible for PC gamers.

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