Players of League Of Legends have expressed the sentiment that Jax was ruined in the most recent update.

Before the mid-scope update moved to the live servers, it was available on League’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) for a month; one wonders if players weren’t giving plentiful feedback during this stage of testing. Jax is a veteran champion, and fans were expecting to see how he’d look with a new look, yet the public appears to not be satisfied with Riot’s work.

League Of Legends Jax Update

LoL players have been given the mid-scope update for Jax in the most recent patch, but the response from the public has not been favorable. Multiple posts are appearing on the game’s subreddit that are critical of the modifications to Jax, one of the oldest characters in the game. He is a popular choice for gamers given that his kit is easy to understand, and it doesn’t take long to start being successful with him due to his high potential for kills in the lane and his split-pushing capabilities. In December 2022, the head champion designer at Riot Games, August, declared that a mini-rework of Jax was in progress, guaranteeing a more thrilling ultimate ability and extra ability power ratios.

Still, when Patch 13.1 went live, Jax players were met with disappointment. League of Legends players on Reddit are voicing their displeasure with the visual elements of the new Jax, his slow animations, and the odd-looking third of his ultimate’s passive. One of the changes that players found immediately was the lack of special effects on newer skins, as well as the absent shield. Furthermore, the recent patch also changed the color on the third hit indicator, but it’s now the same across all skins.

The original poster in the thread was particularly disheartened by the alterations to Jax’s legendary skin, Mecha Kingdoms Jax, which was created by senior visual effects artist Sirhaian who worked hard on the skin to make up for the lack of animations on Jax’s base skin. The new version has lost many of its effects, like the shield that changed color each time he was hurt. The mid-scope update was on the League’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) for one month before it was put on the live servers, so one must question why players didn’t give more thorough feedback during the testing phase. Jax is an old champion and people were expecting to see him look great with the new changes, but the community currently seems let down by Riot’s work.

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