The creators of League Of Legends have outlined the modifications they have planned for Season 2023 regarding agency and mythic items

At the end of his “State of the Game” report, Leung-Harrison suggested that gamers should experiment with the jungle in the next season. He added that the jungle pets are going to be a great help in clearing the jungle and elevating the performance of champions. Noonan also concurred with this opinion and expressed his desire to play as Singed in the jungle.

Before the beginning of Season 2023, the developers of League of Legends have articulated the changes made to position agency and Mythic items. Players can count on changes to both the Top Lane and Jungle. Matthew Leung-Harrison and Patrick Noonan, who are part of the Summoner’s Rift Team in charge of system updates and game balance, produced a comprehensive “State of the Game” dev video. In the video, Leung-Harrison and Noonan discuss their current thoughts about League of Legends and the reasoning behind several modifications. Leung-Harrison began by defining the concept of position agency as “the impact of a position on the game’s result”.

League Of Legends Season 2023

The team uses data models and their own experience as designers and players to understand the effect of each role. Leung-Harrison mentioned that the teleport update in 12.1 and the objective update in Patch 12.14 had a detrimental effect on Top Laners, making it difficult for them to turn the tide in dragon fights or execute squishy champions. The developers are hoping that the alterations made in Preseason will give Top Lane players more agency and will look into further improvements. Noonan added that the Jungle role has been adjusted to make it more accessible, to encourage more players to try it out and thus improve matchmaking quality and reduce the chance of autofill.

With regards to the Mythic items, the designers stated that their approach has changed due to the adverse effects on players. The team offers a variety of Mythic items, hoping that they can be used in any build. However, they have realized over time that some players don’t feel they can choose the right Mythic item for their champion, instead selecting a Legendary item. Leung-Harrison declared that while they still encourage players to use Mythic items and exploit the mythic passive, the Mythic item system has been changed to be more flexible. Some League of Legends players found the “State of the Game” insightful, but others were not pleased with the explanations or changes.

Players expressed their displeasure with the Mythic items, especially those who play mage characters and are asking for more varied item builds and changes to Jak’Sho, The Protean. Leung-Harrison concluded the video by recommending players explore the jungle in the upcoming season. He said that the jungle will be an exciting place for all types of champions to start off and that they believe the jungle pets will significantly improve champions’ jungle clears and their capacity to perform in the jungle. Noonan concurred, saying he plans to bring his Singed back into the jungle.

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