Error of “Successfully Logged Out” Affecting v23.20 Fortnite Update

When the v23.20 update for Fortnite was released, gamers were surprised to find a new error message that had not been seen before. This “successfully logged out” issue was appearing for players on all platforms when they attempted to join the game.

Not long after Epic Games declared the introduction of a new patch for Fortnite, which featured the remotely controlled Falcon Scout, an issue with the update was brought to light in a Twitter statement. Reportedly, the problem hinders players from experiencing the Reality Augments and other elements included in the v23.20 patch.

When the 2023 Fortnite update was released, players around the globe scrambled to try the new falcon, but the worldwide servers did not hold up. Upon attempting to log in, each person was hit with a “successfully logged out” message. Epic Games replied to the issue on Twitter, letting everyone know that they were looking into it and would provide an update soon.

At the time of composing this article, Epic has not yet provided any information regarding when the servers will be operational again.

At the start, participants assumed the mistake was an individual incident until Epic Games took to their Twitter account to affirm the error and to declare that they are attempting to resolve it. Before this, the community had suggested that gamers set up a new account, however, the new Tweet has disproved all other hypotheses.

The issue being reported by an increasing number of players is beyond their accounts, prompting Epic to take action and do everything possible to correct the problem.

It appears that gamers on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Android and PCs have encountered an issue after downloading the newest update. Unfortunately, Epic Games has yet to provide a temporary solution, so players have to be patient until they can get the falcon back in the air.

Epic Games has not disclosed when the issue will be fixed, so the only thing to do is keep an eye on the v23.20 patch notes to learn about the new features of the update.

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