Verified by Steam Deck: Ishin Remake is Living Up to the Dragon’s Legacy

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s modern remake of Like a Dragon: Ishin, as confirmed on its Steam page, will be compatible with Valve’s hybrid handheld, the Steam Deck. This game is a spin-off of the franchise, where players explore the Bakamatsu period of Japan through the eyes of Sakamoto Ryoma, whose look and voice are modeled after the character Kazuma Kiryu. After being exclusive to Japan for nine years, this will be the first time that Like a Dragon: Ishin will be available in the West.

This new version of Like a Dragon: Ishin will bring the game to a variety of platforms, with the original being released for the PS3. Not only will it be released for Xbox and PC, but next-gen consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as well. An unexpected system, the Steam Deck from Valve, will also be able to play the game as evidenced by the Steam page for Ishin that states it is Steam Deck verified.

The Steam Deck, which was released last year, has opened up the world of portable gaming. It provides gamers with the opportunity to access their Steam libraries on the go and play AAA titles similar to the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, a number of the Like a Dragon game have been Steam Deck verified, including Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Following this, it is likely that Ishin will also be compatible with the Steam Deck.

The game’s features are fully compatible with the Steam Deck, allowing users to choose the default controller settings and to view the Deck’s buttons while playing. Additionally, the in-game text and visuals are legible enough on the Deck’s smaller screen. Ishin is the latest addition to the rapidly increasing selection of Steam Deck-compatible games, providing fans the opportunity to play this samurai-themed adventure on the move.

The upcoming release is highly anticipated by the franchise’s followers. Gamers are highly enthusiastic to experience what this game has to offer, as it has yet to be localized in the West. Enthusiasts have also expressed their enthusiasm for some of the features of Like a Dragon Ishin, as it is a beat-em-up action game that is similar to Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami, boasting multiple fighting styles.

On February 23, 2023, Like a Dragon: Ishin will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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