Revamping a Highly Debated Character in League of Legends

Riot Games’ League of Legends is preparing a major rework of one of its most controversial Champions, Yuumi, for Patch 13.5. This move is not uncommon for the globally popular MOBA, as it uses reworks to adjust the playstyle of Champions when they feel the kit has become outdated or has not achieved its desired effect. This follows the recent overhaul of Aurelion Sol, which reworked core elements of the cosmic dragon to make it easier to understand for players. Now, the attention turns to one of the game’s most contentious Champions.

In the year 2019, League of Legends brought about the entrance of Yuumi and ever since it has been a topic of debate with many people having differing opinions about it. This magical cat plays the game with a style that is based on attaching itself to allies and giving them buffs and healing, while simultaneously making itself unforgettable. This has caused it to be a strong pick for the Support role in the MOBA and it is often seen at the highest tiers of competitive play. Riot Games recently revealed that they are working on an update for Yuumi and its lead designer, Phroxzon, has shared some details regarding this.

Matt Leung-Harrison, also known as Phroxzon of Riot Games, announced the details of the upcoming Yuumi rework that is slated to arrive in Patch 13.5. Her healing power will no longer be on her E ability, but rather on her passive. Players will need to land her Q skillshot to get the heals. The rework will include a new Friendship mechanic, which will give her skills extra effects when she is connected to her “Best Friend”. Other minor changes include the ability to maneuver her Ultimate when attached and the capacity to heal allies.

Phroxzon highlighted the importance of Yuumi in League of Legends, explaining how the Champion’s rework was aimed at making her the perfect entry-level choice with a simplified playstyle that would reward duo queued players. Additionally, the price for Yuumi in the in-game shop was reduced to the lowest tier, 450 Blue Essence, and she is now presented as a starter Champion. The overall aim of the rework is to make Yuumi better for the average player, but to also reduce her power at the pro level.

Riot Games has recently given Yuumi from League of Legends a rework in addition to the many champion relaunches that have taken place throughout the past year and are planned for 2023. Last year saw a major update for Udyr, which modified their visual theming, lore, and abilities. It has been confirmed that Skarner will also be receiving a considerable update this year. The rework for Yuumi is meant to enhance the game experience for regular League of Legends players.

League of Legends is now accessible for players on the PC platform.

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