Trailer for Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear Released

The popular indie horror game Layers of Fear will be releasing its new installment in 2023 and the developer Bloober Team has provided a trailer for the game, with a slight alteration to the title. The original PC game was relatively brief, but it showed off the team’s creative capabilities and offered insight into the life of an obsessed artist intent on creating his masterpiece. The sequel to this game was released in 2019, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the next entry.

Bloober Team has become well-known for their work on the Silent Hill 2 remake and has the potential to become a staple in AAA horror gaming. Despite some criticisms of their past titles such as The Medium’s representation of mental health, the Polish developer has demonstrated they have the potential to excel in the indie scene with their visually appealing and eerie games.

Bloober Team has just released a teaser for Layers of Fear, the third game in the series. The clip begins at a lighthouse, showing people a bit of what they can expect from the game. Many may have noticed that the title has changed slightly, and when asked on Twitter why, Bloober replied they chose to drop the “s” from the original Layers of Fears title due to feedback. Some may be puzzled, thinking it’s a remake of the 2016 version, but all evidence points to it being a continuation of past events, making it a threequel.

Since its announcement at Gamescom 2022, Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear has had a few promotional teasers. This game gained attention for its ability to evoke fear in the player without any enemy encounters. Its disturbing visuals and sinister story are what helped it gain traction, and it got some favorable reviews from critics.

The original Layers of Fear was praised for its intensity from beginning to end, which resonated with horror fans. Despite its brief nature, it was enough to keep the developer on the radar as a respected figure in the genre. Its follow-up may not have been as well received, but fans are still hoping for a satisfying conclusion when it eventually releases.

Layers of Fear is planned to be available in June of 2023.

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