Gameplay and Character Customization Unveiled in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link

Square Enix, as well as several fortunate players in the closed beta, have made public new information on game elements and character customization in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts mobile RPG – Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. This news comes via Square Enix’s Twitter and the tweets of participating players (as translated by Siliconera).

For the first time in a Kingdom Hearts mobile title, players can make their avatar and customize the colors of any outfit part. In addition, 3D graphics will be used instead of 2D sprites, giving the clothing designs a great level of detail. There is a variety of clothing and accessories, such as coats, top hats, gloves, boots, and more, so players can mix and match and create an outfit that suits them.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Character Customization Options

Players of the game can experience it in two different manners: the GPS mode or the Gamepad mode. The former tracks the player’s movements as they walk and adjusts the character’s movements accordingly, however, the character can also be maneuvered without physical input. In addition, a “hands-free” approach is available to make combat more automated and effortless, which can be employed while in GPS mode.

A stamina system has been implemented in the game, wherein players must expend points to fight battles. These points can be obtained in the GPS mode, and then used to participate in battles and receive rewards in the Gamepad mode. This is a great way to encourage people to be active as they can be rewarded with more battles in the game.

Aitaikimochi pointed out that depending on the place and the weather, the kind of Heartless encountered will be different, and changing the Keyblade will also impact the playing style.

In Missing Link, the gacha element of Jewels (the currency used for unlocking special quests) is confirmed to come back. Although these Jewels can be hard to obtain without real money, they make difficult quests easier and give gamers the chance to get some potent Keyblades. No reports have been made about any new narrative components since story missions will only be accessible in the final version of the game and not the beta test.

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