Kick Teases TwitchCon-Like Event for Gamers and Streamers

A fresh streaming site aiming to take on the already-established giant Twitch, Kick, has recently created a stir by teasing an event much like TwitchCon. The promotional poster put out by the Trainwreck-financed streaming platform Kick not only gave a tantalizing clue as to the event’s place, but also cleverly hid the exact date, thus stimulating the interest and hypotheses of its loyal supporters.

Every year, Twitch puts on a convention known as TwitchCon. It brings Twitch users from all over the planet to a weekend of fun. People have the chance to meet their favorite streamers in person, connect with other Twitch users, and learn about the latest advancements in the industry. TwitchCon offers a variety of activities and events tailored to different interests, making it an extraordinary event that puts Twitch on the map compared to its competitors.

Recently, Alanah Pearce encountered a situation on Twitch that resulted in a ban, followed by an unbanned status.

Twitch recently revealed the dates and locations for TwitchCon 2023, and now their rival, Kick, has teased a similar event. A photo of a VIP pass to KickCon 2023, which is slated to happen in Las Vegas, NV, was shared on the company’s Twitter account. The date on the pass reads “TBA,” prompting some to speculate that the event will take place at the same time as TwitchCon. One user even commented that it will likely occur on the same weekend.

The response to the KickCon teaser has been overwhelmingly positive, with a number of Kick streamers taking to social media to express their enthusiasm. One person even went as far as to beg, “DON’T YOU DARE TEASE ME LIKE THIS.” Another streamer revealed that they are already getting ready for the event, such as selecting clothes, reserving flights, and booking a hotel, while encouraging others to join in. Although it is still uncertain if Kick will follow through with the event, the positive reaction is encouraging.

Kick, although only a short time old, is making strides to be a competitor for the streaming giant, Twitch. The platform has already revealed a streaming mobile application, and a clip feature that is said to be better than Twitch’s. Furthermore, in the past few months, the platform has been in the news for contracting some of the well-known Twitch names. Introducing an event that is comparable to TwitchCon is likely to increase Kick’s notoriety.