Incredible Screenshots From STALKER 2 Unveiled

Four new screenshots for STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl have been released by GSC Game World, displaying the development of the forthcoming open-world shooter as it draws nearer to its projected 2023 launch. Despite the little knowledge of the exact launch date, GSC Game World’s regular presentation of screenshots is proof of the game’s advancement. Understandably, the Ukrainian team needs to take their time to make STALKER 2 the best it can be, but these visuals are very enthralling to look at.

For those unaware of the current progress on STALKER 2, it was originally intended to be launched in 2022. GSC Game World, located in Kyiv, Ukraine, is the place of origin for the game and is being affected by Russia’s ongoing military conflict. Consequently, the development of STALKER 2 was shifted to Prague and a few members of the GSC Game World team are still involved in Ukraine’s defense. Considering the situation, the release of STALKER 2 is now planned for 2023 and fans of the game are not demanding that GSC Game World hurry.


Recently, the development of STALKER 2 was highlighted on its official Twitter page. GSC Game World not only shared four new screenshots of the game but also released a developer update on Wired that gave insight into the studio’s reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Prior to the start of the war, more than 200 GSC Game World families had already relocated, and the game is now being developed from Prague. However, 130 employees still stay in Ukraine, some of whom are in active combat zones.

The latest STALKER 2 screenshots stand in stark contrast to the dismal tale of the struggles faced by GSC Game World developers in the past year. Set in the Chornobyl nuclear reactor, STALKER 2 is more than just a game — the exquisite images showcase derelict dwellings and the armaments necessary for survival in such a hostile atmosphere, but also the spectacular sunrises that signal the start of a new beginning.

Maria Grygorovych, the lead producer, has dubbed STALKER 2 a “national product” from Ukraine. She expresses the opinion that it will display to the world that Ukraine is not only a powerful force in the battlefield but also has a rich cultural legacy. Grygorovych hopes that STALKER 2 will be the vessel that conveys this message, and it’s clear that GSC Game World’s efforts are already achieving this.

The visuals and footage GSC Game World has been providing for STALKER 2 are remarkable. It’s no wonder why the game has so much hype surrounding it. Considering the complications in the development process of STALKER 2, the media that GSC Game World has shared is invaluable.

The highly anticipated title STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl is slated to arrive in 2023 on both PC and Xbox Series X.

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