Impressive Accomplishment by Dedicated Hogwarts Legacy Player After Just Two Months

Just two months after the release of Hogwarts Legacy, a player has shown off an amazing feat that they have achieved in the game. There is still lots to uncover in this world, but this individual may have already uncovered everything.

The recent success of Hogwarts Legacy has been a major boon for the Wizarding World, especially after the lukewarm reaction to Fantastic Beasts. The incredible sales numbers for Hogwarts Legacy have demonstrated to Warner Bros. that the Harry Potter franchise still has a large fan base, and it just needed a great product for viewers to become enamored with it once again. This has resulted in a surge of enthusiasm for the Hogwarts Express.

A Player Uncovers Something Surprising While Playing Hogwarts Legacy

GaryE20904 has already managed to complete four playthroughs of Hogwarts Legacy, including the oft-grueling Merlin Trials. All four of these playthroughs were completionist runs, and the total time it took to finish was a whopping 290 hours in two months. Some Redditors were taken aback, with one commenting that “the game doesn’t change at all based on any choices or your house.” This has been a point of discussion since its launch, but the majority of the community seems satisfied with the RPG components.

Although players have spent countless hours in Hogwarts Legacy, it is impossible to tell if they have uncovered every secret. The game appears to be filled with surprises, with gamers often sharing new discoveries online. An example of this is when a player found a fun snowman interaction after nearly 300 hours of playing. It is a testament to the level of detail Avalanche Software has put into the game, comparable to the best open-world titles available.

Despite Hogwarts Legacy having much to offer players, Avalanche Software is maintaining its position of not providing any DLC for the game. Early sales exceeded predictions, but there has been no further news on that front. Nevertheless, fans of Harry Potter have still been given something to look forward to; the unexpected revelation of Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions was met with great enthusiasm. Although many thought this kind of content should have been DLC for Hogwarts Legacy , it’s good that more content is being made available for Wizarding World fans.

Hogwarts Legacy has been released for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, and the PS4 and Xbox One editions will be available on May 5th, while the Switch version will be released on July 25th.