A Clever Way to Bypass the Alohomora Lockpicking Challenge in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to bypass any puzzles related to lockpicking by using the spell Alohomora. This Harry Potter action-RPG includes various incantations, some used for battling and others used for exploration and resolving puzzles. Lumos, for instance, is employed for lighting up shadowy rooms, while Wingardium Leviosa is used for manipulating objects. As for Alohomora, it is the charm Hogwarts Legacy gamers take advantage of to unlock locks in the open world.

When Hogwarts Legacy gamers get the spell Alohomora, they can then unlock all Level 1 locks encountered in the game. To increase the strength of the spell, Demiguise Statues can be given to Gladwin Moon, and this will allow gamers to pick Level 2 and 3 locks. A great many locks must be opened in order to fully complete the game, and this can become quite laborious.

Anytime a Hogwarts Legacy gamer uses Alohomora to unlock something, they are greeted with a mini-game that involves adjusting and turning two sticks until they reach the right places. This puzzle is incredibly simple, with no real distinction between the Level 1 and Level 3 locks. This means that players are stuck doing the same puzzle over and over again every time they come across a lock, which is why many people would like to avoid it. Fortunately, there is a way to side-step this process. By changing the difficulty setting to Story mode, players can auto-solve the Alohomora puzzles by simply pressing Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Here’s the Way to Bypass Alohomora Puzzle Locks

Skip the Alohomora Lockpicking Puzzle
  • Select Story mode
  • When completing the Alohomora puzzle, press the Square button for PlayStation or X for Xbox.

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It is important to remember that making the difficulty setting in Hogwarts Legacy easier can have certain downsides. Most notably, the combat experiences become less entertaining, so it is advisable to wait to do so until you are focusing on completing quests like finding Demiguise Statues or gathering treasure chests for 100% completion.

The good news is that gamers cannot miss any Hogwarts Legacy achievements/trophies by adjusting the difficulty to Story Mode. There’s no content that players are barred from accessing in the game, a fact that has earned a lot of appreciation from its fans. The game allows for players to play it the way they want to, although it would be great if a later update would make it so that they don’t have to manually select to auto-solve the puzzles.

Gamers can now experience Hogwarts Legacy on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, with versions for PS4 and Xbox One being released on April 4, and a Switch port set to come out on July 25.

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