Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.23: Changes and Fixes

The latest update for Horizon Forbidden West, Patch 1.23, is available now, and it brings with it a wide range of improvements to the game. Every patch released for Horizon Forbidden West by developer Guerrilla Games since its launch has gone towards fixing issues and making other modifications.

It is important to take into consideration that this article may have spoilers involving Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores.

The 1.16 patch for Horizon Forbidden West was widely lauded for its significant effect on the game’s visuals when running in performance mode. Many gamers had voiced their dissatisfation with the graphics in the 60 FPS mode prior to the patch, but it brought substantial improvements to the image quality. Recently, the development team released update 1.23 for Horizon Forbidden West , introducing additional modifications and enhancements to the game.

A humorous video clip featuring a machine having a streak of terrible luck in Horizon Forbidden West has been making the rounds online.

Guerrilla Games has released a post on Reddit about the tweaks and advances that will be featured in update 1.23 of Horizon Forbidden West. Much of these modifications are related to the Burning Shores expansion, resolving an assortment of issues in the main mission of the DLC. Besides the main narrative, patch 1.23 also rectifies bugs connected to side missions and global activities in Horizon Forbidden West.

In the following segments, details of fixes for particular machine issues and some Horizon Forbidden West skills that are not functioning as they should are given, together with general stability enhancements to stop crashes. It solves UI difficulties, like matters linked to roads on the map of the game, while also refining the optimization of Horizon Forbidden West. All in all, patch 1.23 for Horizon Forbidden West has a huge list of changes that mend different issues existing in the game, with many of them being a section of the recently launched Burning Shores DLC.

Hot on the heels of the releases of patches 1.22 and 1.21 (the latter having been released alongside Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC), the latest update, 1.22, is a relatively small one. Patch 1.21, however, did introduce a number of accessibility and quality-of-life features, such as the Thalassophobia mode and the ability to make Aloy automatically pick up loot.

Devotees of this series should be aware that a successor to Horizon Forbidden West is currently in the works at Guerrilla Games, although nothing has been disclosed about the game yet. It is likely that Sony will reveal the third mainline game of the Horizon collection at a PlayStation Showcase event, though it may be too premature to be part of the speculated massive conference to take place in the coming months.

Patch Notes for Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.23

The following is a list of changes and improvements included in the 1.23 patch for the game Horizon Forbidden West:


It is common knowledge that there are certain issues that could arise in certain situations.

We are conducting an examination of the following topics:

  • During the “For His Amusement” Main Quest, users have mentioned that they have had difficulty advancing the “Investigate the Armory” objective if they restart from a save.
  • Additionally, difficulties were reported during “For His Amusement” Main Quest’s “Investigate the Armory” objective where Seyka was not unlocking the door after scanning the “Access Control” Datapoint after examining the three clues.
  • During the Side Quest “In His Wake”, people reported that the “Kill the Guards” objective had enemies stuck in the walls, which blocked the progression.
  • For the “Pangea Figurines” collectables, players had trouble obtaining the “Green Raptor” if they left the parking garage after unlocking the trunk in which it was located.

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Achieving the Main Goal

  • Fixed a problem with the “To the Burning Shores” Main Quest in which restarting from a save file after the opening cinematic caused the machines needed for the “Kill the Machines” objective to disappear, thus blocking progression.
  • Resolved an issue with the “To the Burning Shores” Main Quest in which the Bilegut could fall through the world geometry after jumping, thus hindering the “Kill the Bilegut” objective.
  • Fixed a bug with the “To the Burning Shores” Main Quest in which, under certain conditions, the Bilegut corpse would not spawn, potentially preventing players from obtaining a special outfit mod.
  • Fixed a problem with the “To the Burning Shores” Main Quest where fast traveling during the “Follow Seyka into the Tower” objective could cause Seyka to stop leading the player when they returned to the quest area, thus halting progression.
  • Resolved an issue with the “To the Burning Shores” Main Quest involving Aloy’s outfit and headdress during the opening cinematic.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Heaven and Earth” Main Quest where fast traveling during the “Create a Path to the Facility Entrance” objective could block progression.
  • Resolved an issue with the “Heaven and Earth” Main Quest where Seyka could become idle during the crane and ballista puzzle.
  • Fixed a problem with the “The Stars in Their Eyes” Main Quest in which killing a Bilegut in a certain spot could block the generator and make it impossible to override the control node, thus preventing progression.
  • Resolved an issue with the “For His Amusement” Main Quest in which restarting from a save file after pulling the lever during the “Reset the Power” objective led to a progression block.
  • Fixed a bug with the “His Final Act” Main Quest in which backtracking after destroying the heat sink caused progression to halt.
  • Resolved an issue with the “His Final Act” Main Quest in which progressing too quickly caused an error in Seyka’s buddy behavior, leading to a progression block.
  • Fixed a problem with the “His Final Act” Main Quest in which players might get stuck when near the Horus tentacles.
  • Resolved an issue with the “His Final Act” Main Quest in which players could fall out of the Horus interior.

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Optional Tasks

Aside from the main story line, players can also complete optional tasks known as “side quests”.

  • Resolved an issue in the Side Quest “In His Wake” where the fast travel feature while during the “Investigate the Skirmish Site” task could impede progression.
  • Addressed a problem in the Side Quest “A Friend in the Dark” where gamers could bypass part of the puzzle by hopping onto rocks and walls to reach the valve wheel.

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Global Pursuits

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  • An issue with “Aerial Capture: North” that prevented players from accessing the start of the flight path after examining the improvised transmitter was addressed.
  • It was no longer possible to skip a room in Cauldron “THETA” by sliding through the closing door.
  • Players could no longer progress in Cauldron “THETA” by jumping on walls and other geometry to bypass the controllable drone.
  • The Stormbird would now appear in the storm cloud without the need to restart from a save or die, allowing players to begin “Aerial Capture: West” and collect Delver’s Trinket collectable “Mighty Pint” to complete the Errand Quest “The Delver’s Trove”.
  • An issue was fixed with the Stormbird in the storm cloud where if players were defeated and the area was left, upon returning and killing the Stormbird the electric discharge would not unlock the doors on the island, thus blocking “Aerial Capture: West” and Delver’s Trinket collectable “Mighty Pint” from being collected and the Errand Quest “The Delver’s Trove” from being finished.
  • Callouts and tracks were no longer present during Main Quest “To the Burning Shores” when the Stormbird encounter was inactive.
  • The item description for Delver’s Trinket collectable “Music Box” was now visible in the notebook, unblocking the Errand Quest “The Delver’s Trove”.
  • Players were no longer able to enter the answers to the Dino Digits Quiz before collecting the “Pangea Figurines”, making it completable.

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  • We corrected a problem with the translation of the datapoint “IN FOR IT”, which was leading players in the wrong direction (i.e. northwest, when it should have been northeast). This could have caused players difficulty in locating the collectable, the “Green Raptor,” and without it, players would have been unable to successfully complete the Dino Digits Quiz.

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  • Resolved a problem that caused the Fireclaw to remain on the ground if it was knocked down.
  • The VFX of the Bilegut’s acid attack was no longer lingering indefinitely.
  • Sunwings that were in flight were no longer stuck in one spot.
  • The Horus AA Cannon was able to deal damage to players correctly.
  • Stingspawn was now engaging with players as normal.

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  • Resolved a problem in which the focus scan could not be stopped while pointing a weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping “Draw Speed” Weapon Coils to Hunter Bows would reduce the draw speed.

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  • Corrected a bug that caused clipping and camera glitches when executing Grapple Strike on a Corruptor.
  • Resolved an issue where activating Minefield Valor Sure on uneven terrain resulted in difficulty.

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  • Resolved problems in the in-game roadways that were displayed on the map.
  • Corrected a bug where the buddy icon and quest marker were displayed overlapping Seyka.

The focus of this is on both Performance and Stability.

  • Numerous issues with crashes and hanging have been addressed.
  • Loading screens have undergone multiple repairs.
  • Art and game assets have been optimized for better performance.


  • Addressed an issue where players were unable to use their flying mount to traverse from The Burning Shores to The Forbidden West in certain areas.
  • Resolved numerous problems regarding fast travel and the skiff.
  • Corrected multiple typos or mistranslations in on-screen text.
  • Enhanced audio with various fixes and improvements.
  • Optimized visuals with several fixes and improvements.

Horizon Forbidden West can be accessed on both PS4 and PS5.