Funny Horizon Forbidden West Clip: Aloy Discovers Lazy Quen Worker

A hilarious bug in Horizon Forbidden West sees Aloy coming across a rather slack Quen worker. Fans of the Quen in Horizon Forbidden West will likely be delighted at this clip, as it adds to their already positive opinion of the tribe.

You won’t find many bugs in Horizon Forbidden West, but when they do show up, they’re usually amusing and not too serious. In fact, one of the notable bugs of the game was a slaughterspine doing a backflip, which most gamers would agree is cooler than the game-breaking bugs that are so common these days. Clips like these are a nice break from the norm.

A funny video clip from Horizon Forbidden West has recently surfaced, showcasing a machine with a streak of bad luck.

Redditor crispynachos99 shared a video of Aloy approaching a Quen worker who seems to be occupied. However, upon closer inspection, there’s no brush in her hands. It brings to mind the experience of trying to look busy when the boss is nearby, an experience that many players will relate to. Although this is comical, it’s probably just another bug from Horizon Forbidden West, as reported by Gamerant.

Me at work trying to look busy when the boss walks by
by u/crispynachos99 in horizon

Folks in the thread praised the spot-on comedic accuracy of the Horizon Forbidden West clip and started telling stories of their own experiences of trying to look busy in front of their bosses. Some did note that the Quen worker seemed to be causing dust to fly up, so it’s not like they were completely unproductive. It was even hypothesized that it could be a stalker-tech based stealth broom, which would keep it in line with the lore.

Enthusiasts of the Horizon franchise have a lot to be thrilled about. The recent introduction of the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC has given gamers a wealth of new material to play through, as well as delving further into the plot of popular protagonist Aloy. There is evidence that a multiplayer game is in the works, which would be a huge change in trajectory for the series. Guerrilla Games is bravely taking risks with Horizon, which will benefit gamers and ensure that the franchise remains in great shape by encouraging innovations in game play.

Horizon Forbidden West can be played on both the PS4 and PS5.