Honkai: Star Rail Fan Figures Out Himeko’s Book Title

Recently, one Honkai: Star Rail enthusiast found out that Himeko’s tome in the title had an amusing name. This humorous Easter egg is a testament to the dedication that went into making the game, with small clever details like this joke sprinkled throughout, such as the surprising rewards found in Belobog’s garbage cans.

An important figure in Honkai: Star Rail, Himeko serves as the navigator of the Astral Express and was among the earliest 5-star characters to be introduced. She is often depicted in the game reading a book that players don’t get much information about. This studious character quickly gained a spot in many gamers’ teams, leading to her popularity.

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Recently, Mond003, a Honkai: Star Rail fan, deciphered the title of Himeko’s book. The title, which was written in the special Belobog alphabet created for the game’s city of Jarilo-VI, was simply “Title.” However, since the letters were replaced by alien symbols, many players would have been unable to understand the joke behind the title had it not been for Mond003’s translation. Therefore, one must either take time to translate the alphabet or look at translations online in order to understand it.

Many in the community found the discovery humorous and joked that “Author” must have written the book. Others, however, felt it would have been better to title the book “Book”. There was also a conversation among the knowledgeable Honkai: Star Rail fans surrounding the alphabet. They were curious if the Belobog alphabet is the official language for the universe or if there could be similar writing in other places. It was difficult to tell which one is the legitimate official one.

The launch of Honkai: Star Rail was an immense success, with the game being downloaded over 20 million times in the first day. It’s clear that the game’s creators, the same brains behind Genshin Impact, had a hand in its success. But, it was also well-received by critics, with many praising the storyline, Easter eggs, and beautiful visuals.

Honkai: Star Rail is accessible on PC and cellular gadgets. Versions for PS4 and PS5 are currently in the works.