Up to 4 Characters Can be Saved in the Hogwarts Legacy System

The WB Games Support Twitter account recently gave an answer to the community about Hogwarts Legacy, indicating that the game will present four save slots for different characters. This implies that players will have the possibility to have four diverse playthroughs with separate characters at the same time.

In addition, the support team explained the manual and automatic saving functions. Each character is allotted five automatic saves and ten manual saves. This is a beneficial feature, as it permits gamers to save before major occurrences so they can experience both ends of a choice, something that is common in RPG’s. The extra save slots are helpful for those who play on the same console.

A user inquired about the ability to take their progress from the PlayStation to the PC, and the customer service responded that players can only sync their accounts across various platforms in order to get rewards, but there is no way to move saved information. Consequently, this means it is not possible to transfer progress or a character from a console to a PC or the other way around. It is yet unclear whether the same would be applicable between different consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox or between different generations, such as PS4 and PS5.

The highly anticipated game Hogwarts Legacy will be available for purchase on February 10th. Pre-purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition provides three days of early access, as well as exclusive in-game cosmetic items. Furthermore, special PlayStation-exclusive content is available. However, the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game will not be available until 2023.

Avalanche Software has recently revealed the requisite PC system specifications for Hogwarts Legacy which suggest that the game needs a robust PC for the optimal 60 frames-per-second experience. However, the title will still have a 60 FPS mode playable on the current-gen consoles and there is no clear indication of the performance gap between PCs and consoles yet.

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