Player in Hogwarts Legacy from Slytherin Sees Basilisk in Chamber of Secrets

Hogwarts Legacy provides an opportunity for Slytherin students to catch a glimpse of the famous basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets book and movie. This game, which occurs in the late 1800s and is set about 100 years before the events in Harry Potter, contains several references and allusions to the books and movies. Hogwarts Legacy is an exciting way to explore this world.

Hogwarts Legacy pays particular attention to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, including a trip to the famous bathroom entrance. Quests focused on Salazar Slytherin give players a glimpse into the eponymous chamber’s function. As any Potter fan knows, Slytherin’s plan included a large basilisk, which is also visible in the game.

A video posted on Twitter by CastielJA shows the basilisk gliding near the Slytherin common room. An individual tries to ascend the stairs to get a better glimpse, only to find that the staircase has been transformed into a ramp, thus blocking their path. It is yet to be revealed how players of Hogwarts Legacy who are in Slytherin can trigger this scene featuring the basilisk, however more details will probably be revealed as more gamers experience it firsthand.

The basilisk, featured in Harry Potter lore, has a reputation as a very hazardous creature. Not only does it have deadly, poisonous fangs, but its glance can also cause instant death. Looking at it through a mirror would cause petrification instead, which can be remedied by the magical mandrake. Fortunately, in Hogwarts Legacy, mandrakes are available, so the school can be prepared to heal any petrified students.

It is usually necessary to be a Slytherin student to enter the common room, but in Hogwarts Legacy, gamers can exploit a glitch to get into any of the four common room doors. Therefore, even those playing as Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff can take a peek at the basilisk.

Hogwarts Legacy can now be played on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X with the PS4 and Xbox One versions scheduled for April 4, and a Nintendo Switch edition hitting the shelves on July 25.

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