A Potent Legacy of Hogwarts Allowing for a Cheaty Way to Win Fights

The spirit of the Wizarding World is well-represented in Hogwarts Legacy with a particular plant that can prove to be a great asset in battle if used correctly. Professor Garlick, a beloved teacher in Hogwarts Legacy, often emphasized in her Herbology class that plants can be exceptionally beneficial not only for potion ingredients but also as potent weapons.

Using the Unforgivable Curses to take down Ashwinders and Ranrok’s extremists may be attractive, however, there’s more to a Witch or Wizard’s repertoire than just spells from Hogwarts Legacy. Acquiring extra advantages in battle is possible through upgrading gear using magical beasts from the Vivarium and collecting useful potions such as Edurus or Thunderbrew made in the Room of Requirement. A successful mixture of these elements, in this instance, is accomplished through Herbology.

Posting to the official Hogwarts Legacy subreddit, OpeningChipmunk1700 provided a strategy that employed the use of Mandrakes, a familiar plant in the Harry Potter universe. Ordinarily, the Mandragora’s shriek will simply incapacitate and damage enemies during regular gameplay; however, this build in Hogwarts Legacy makes the Mandrake fulfill its reputation as a truly lethal creature.

To all those seeking an easier way to fight in-game even on difficult settings, here is a helpful tip.

Mandrakes are a formidable enemy to all foes, except trolls, whose tougher skin requires two or three of them to take them out. Alternatively, one could opt for an AK, Glacius/Diffendo, or Ancient Magic to vanquish them. With an offense level of 400 or higher and a combination of Herbology, Deafening, and Headache buffs, it will be almost instantaneous.

As the thread states, with the right traits on their equipment, and has surpassed a certain attribute threshold, gamers can vanquish entire mobs in Hogwarts Legacy with the help of their trusty Mandrake. The seeds for these can be obtained in Hogsmeade’s Magic Neep for a small fee, and if they have set up enough Herbology tables in their Room of Requirement, they can quickly produce Mandrakes in abundance.

To boost the damage of a Mandragora in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to get three Herbology traits and three Deafening traits, which are random drops from the treasure chests in the poacher camps. The Headache talent in the Room of Requirements tree also helps increase their damage. Although hunting down the traits is a lengthy process, players who don’t want to wait can always opt for save game reloading.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will be released on April 4, while the Nintendo Switch version will be available starting July 25.

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