Video with Gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod Released

The recently released Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player experience set in the Harry Potter universe, but the modding community is already working on making it possible for players to explore the Wizarding World together. Although the game has only been out for a week (including the three-day early access period), there is some optimism that soon gamers will be able to join forces and enjoy Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy, despite the cloud of controversy that has followed it, has been a success in terms of sales. The Harry Potter series, with its millions of fans, has been incredibly popular and many of these fans have dreamed of receiving their Hogwarts letter. Hogwarts Legacy gives them the chance to become a part of the world they have grown to love, if only in a video game form. While it did not stop people from being excited for the game, some people have expressed disappointment that there is no multiplayer option.

The Together Team, the creators of the Skyrim Together mod, has released a preview video of their upcoming mod, HogWarp, which demonstrates two gamers exploring Hogwarts Legacy together. The mod is still in its early stages and not yet available, however, The Together Team’s Patreon supporters will get early access to it. The video illustrates that the mod is in its infancy, as the characters’ movements are jerky, and the day/night cycle is not synchronized. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see that it will soon be possible for Hogwarts Legacy players to join each other and savor the game in its nascent stages.

The sales of Hogwarts Legacy have been extraordinary, despite the controversy it has been subjected to. With its increasing popularity, many players are already creating mods to customize their Hogwarts Legacy experience, and more are expected to be released throughout the game’s life. There are already dozens of mods available for players to try out.

Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer

Receiving positive user reviews on Metacritic, Hogwarts Legacy has been generally well-received by critics, although it lacks a multiplayer mode. To increase the enjoyment of the game, the modding community often adds features that weren’t initially included, thus making the exploration of the magical world even more enjoyable if done with friends.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available to play on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are releasing on April 4th, while the Nintendo Switch edition is set to launch on July 25th, 2023.

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