Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial: Real-Life Discovery of New Game Feature

The unique feature of Hogwarts Legacy that stands out is the Merlin Trials. These are mini-challenges that players can complete to acquire more Gear without having to discard Quidditch apparel to make space for hats. Once players know what to look for, they can easily locate these trials. It appears that one fan of Legacy has even discovered one in the real world.

Similar to the shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Hogwarts Legacy includes 95 optional Merlin Trails where players must use their special abilities to crack environmental puzzles related to the game’s mythology. These trials are marked by circular stones on the ground, usually placed somewhere with a beautiful view. To solve the challenge, players must sprinkle mallowsweet leaves onto the stones and cast the spell Revelio to reveal clues. Upon completion, a glowing green image of Merlin will appear above the stones.

Discover How Much Time You Need to Spend on Merlin Trial Scenarios in Hogwarts Legacy

Wish I had some mallowsweet leaves on me…
by u/Airget-lamh in HarryPotterGame

This article explains how long you will have to watch Merlin trial scenes in the game Hogwarts Legacy.

Airget-lamh, a Reddit user, recently posted a mysterious image to r/HarryPotterGame. The image showed a picturesque view that could easily pass for Scotland, complete with a circle of stones that resemble the placeholders of a Merlin Trial. This type of Trial requires players to move a stone into the placeholder, and the stones in the image appear to fit the bill. The Reddit user admitted they did not have their mallowsweet leaves to test for magical properties.

Despite their reputation as a way to add gameplay time, Merlin Trials are appreciated by some players. They provide a break from the intense magical battles and early on in the game, they are a good way to learn how spells interact with their surroundings. Furthermore, the trials promote exploration and vary in difficulty, presenting surprising challenges in what are usually the most secure parts of the map.

Incorporated as an extra to the game, the Merlin Trials provide amusement and evoke the pleasant atmosphere of the initial Harry Potter books. Players who are exploring the real world should keep an eye out for Demiguises too–however, only when it is dark.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for PC players, as well as for those on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Moreover, the game will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on May 5, with a Switch edition set to be released on July 25.