A Cunning Method Lets Hufflepuffs Ascend the Common Room Stairs in Hogwarts Legacy

Exploring every part of the Hufflepuff common room in Hogwarts Legacy is made easier with a workaround for quickly ascending the stairs found by one player. Even though these are magical steps, they won’t stop anyone from discovering the room’s secrets.

Adherent fans are aware that a Hufflepuff usually demonstrates qualities such as humility, diligence, and forbearance. Nevertheless, even their composure can be tried when the steps in the shared room don’t appear to be functioning as expected. There may be more to this person’s situation and their adventure is likely something a lot of gamers have gone through when exploring their common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy. Though not everyone has attempted to push those specific limits.


The challenge posed to the player of Hogwarts Legacy when attempting to reach the girls’ dormitory floor is a result of the selection of a male character. If the character is a boy assigned to Hufflepuff, making it to the second floor is seemingly impossible due to the stairs becoming a slide. However, Callum Taylor has highlighted a loophole in his TikTok video. When the stairs become a slide, one must hold onto the banister and wait for the stairs to reappear, allowing them to finally ascend to the top.


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The hack proved to be enjoyable to many viewers, garnering over 88 thousand likes and 600 comments. Some mentioned that in the Ravenclaw common room, knights were blocking the entrance to the girls’ side, while in Slytherin there were no such limitations. One commenter even joked that Callum’s action was more befitting of a Slytherin. However, numerous players weren’t even aware of the reasons for the stairs’ behavior in-game, simply believing it was part of the storyline. Nevertheless, the majority of players seemed to be in agreement that the Hufflepuff common room decorations were the most attractive, making some regret their house choice.

There are many ways to have a good time while playing Hogwarts Legacy, both intended by the game and unintended. People assume that the glitch will be corrected with an update soon.

The much-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy arrived on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X on February 10th and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One from April 4th as well as on Nintendo Switch from July 25th.

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    I have a girl player and the stairs still fold up on me.


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