A Clip of Hogwarts Legacy Demonstrates its Swimming Mechanics

Recently, a video was released that confirms players will be able to take a dip in Hogwarts Legacy. This has left fans curious as to how much they will be able to engage with the game’s environment, and this video provides some insight into that. Hogwarts Legacy is the subject of much excitement.

In two weeks, Hogwarts Legacy will be available, but fans still have numerous questions concerning the ways they may explore the world around the wizarding school. One of these questions has been whether characters can swim and whether they can cast spells while underwater. Avalanche Software is delighted to give players the ability to traverse Hogwarts in whatever way they choose, and now more information regarding the swimming mechanics is available.

A short video was posted on Twitter exhibiting a character diving into the Black Lake, swimming past Hogwarts and the Boathouse, a setting familiar to Harry Potter followers. The animation portrays the character swimming with a fluid motion and how the graphics depict the interaction with the lake’s water. The viewer is shown the character from various perspectives as the water splashes and glints with each stroke. Sadly, no further information was given on the depth of the lake or the ability to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy.

The post has generated some interesting responses from fans, with one inquiring if elemental spells can affect the environment, such as using a frost spell to enable walking on water. Others asked if a character’s clothing will be wet after emerging from the water. Many welcomed the improvement on the previous Harry Potter games in which one would simply die if they stood in water.

Excitement is growing amongst fans of the wizarding world as they anticipate the various ways they will be able to explore it. Avalanche Software has been informative in regards to numerous aspects of the game and they have two weeks left to find out if any of the gameplay elements will remain a secret.

Hogwarts Legacy arrives on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on the 10th of February, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions coming out on the 4th of April and the Nintendo Switch version releasing on the 25th of July.

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